we are a band of women just like you

Some call us creators, inventors, and trailblazers. Others call us “mom.” But we’re a band of women just like you.

We are athletes and designers, product testers and product users, outdoor adventurers
and playground monitors, and we deserve gear that fits our bodies, our lives, our adventures.

For over three decades, we’ve been solving the tricky performance apparel problems for women athletes and adventurers. Let’s call them “Women’s Problems.”title nine product development team

A two-week backpacking trip that required washing a single dress in the sink every night sparked our quick-dry, convertible Round Trip collection – four pieces that wear 40 different ways and fold up to fit in a fanny pack.

Wearing running shorts again and again to chase kids at the beach and then betting we could make a swim short with that just-right coverage and some quick-dry action. So we took our own bet and built the Wahine swim short.
classic sweats in technical fabricTwo years of couch surfing and conference-call taking from the sofa (thanks global pandemic) and we just weren’t ready to put on tights or denim when the world opened up again. Then we thought, why not pair up a classic sweat style with some technical fabric so that we can actually get active while staying comfortable? Yep, that’s our Break a Sweat Collection. And yep, those pieces solve our need to sweat a little when we spontaneously hit the playground with (or without) our kids.

We listen to the tricky problems, we live the tricky problems and we get to work making gear that works for women.

And we’re just getting started.

We are all mothers of invention—what’s your story? Post your story and tag us @titlenine!