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The Women Behind the Gear

For 35 years a band of women athletes and adventurers have been running the show here at Title Nine.

Over the years, we’ve become experts at finding the best apparel and gear for women who venture out.

We know the value of a great sports bra because we’ve tested thousands.

We know every brand out there because we’ve worn, over and over again, every brand out there.


We are the Women of Title Nine

we are the women of title nine

Bossy Women and Women Bosses.
Women in front of the camera and women behind the camera.
Women with spreadsheets and financial models AND creative design.
Women CMOs and CEOs and CFOs.
Women risk takers and changemakers.
Women caregivers and breadwinners.
LOUD women. Confident women. Tough women. Kind women.
Republican women. Democratic women.
Women who are just trying to fit our workout in.
Women who fail and try again.
Women who succeed and share the credit.
Women who lead and risk and own.


See and Be Seen

See and Be Seen

In the world of adventure sports photography, the dudes outnumber the gals 10 to 1.

At Title Nine those numbers are reversed.

On every page of our latest catalog the imagery you’ll see is the collaborative work of WOMEN — from our adventure photographers, to our fierce studio photographer, to an all-women creative team and some seriously fearless adventurers. (more…)


Rippin’ Trails & Takin’ Names With Trek Dirt Series

Ready to shredYou never forget how to ride a bike—but take that bike, add some killer suspension, thick tires, a license to rip and it’s a whole ‘nother thing. We’re talkin’ mountain biking. Aka, shredding berms. Hugging singletrack ‘cuz you love it. Mountain goating up hills and flying off the handle on the downhills. Crushing rocks, crashing once, twice… (more…)