Anatomy of a Photoshoot

We’ve traveled all over for our “T9 Behind the Scenes” series, sharing the adventures and misadventures we’ve had along the way. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. What does it really take to make a photo shoot happen? Find out.



What’s Your Way to Wear It?


Whether you’re winning a climbing competition in your Clamber Pant, exploring Oahu in your Aquatic Life Rashguard, heading out for a run in your Cayenne Long Sleeve Hoody, nearly getting stuck on Cathedral Peak in your Super Power Hoody, or hiking through Pinnacles National Park in your Magic Hour Baselayer, we want to see you and your Title Nine gear in action!

Throw on your favorite T9 outfit,

snap a pic, post it, and tag it #MyT9!

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Cast Your Vote!

Cover Poll

We know you love our model athletes: ordinary women doing extraordinary things. With so much action on our photo shoots, we end up with too many great images. We need your help choosing which shots of these amazing women we should use. Cast a vote for your favorite! For just 72 hours we’re opening up the polls. Let your voice be heard. Which one is your pick?



Who Runs the World?

Who Runs the World

Working outside the home. Working inside the home. Caring for kids. Caring for parents. Making time to workout. Making time to chill out. Yes, sometimes managing it all has us fit to be tied, but mostly, we amaze ourselves at what we are fit for.

What are YOU fit for?


A Place for Every Pace – Title 9K


In 2003, when the inaugural Title 9K starting gun rang out in the clear blue Boulder sky, we did not yet know what sort of evolution was to take place. We did not know that first Mother’s Day would spawn a run series in multiple cities, or that it would become such a big part of who we are as a company. While our races have grown over time, the root of why of we Title 9K has always remained the same.

Fun runs with colored dust or costume themes were not yet a commonplace affair when the our run series was born. The Title 9K was created as a celebration of women and girls in sport, a pavement party in honor of active living. We wanted to have an event that welcomed women of every pace, one that celebrates the new mother walking with her baby jogger with as grand a cheer as the gal who breaks the finish line tape. (And who might also have a baby jogger!)

T9K Boulder