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2015 T9 Challenge Recap

Title Nine Challenge 2015

All challengers, pre-race.

We believe in working hard and playing hard - perhaps even harder! Every year, a company challenge is issued. We've taken on century bike rides, triathlons, 24 hour running relays, obstacle races and more. Last year, we instead debuted the first ever T9 Challenge: an event for T9ers, by T9ers, where teams of (you guessed it!) even more T9ers would take one another on out on the course. The inaugural event was a great success, and this year's follow up was another banner affair. T9C15_run QUICK T9 CHALLENGE STATS Event Location: Lake Chabot Start time: 9:07am Elevation gain: 1,500 ft Teams of 4: 8 Teams of 3: 1 Teams of 2: 8 Run-only teams of 2: 9 Teams from retail: 3 Teams from our distribution center: 7 Total volunteers: 60 Total challengers: 45 runners, 28 cyclists Miles biked: 420mi Miles run: 269.5mi Waaaambulances called: 0 T9C15_ride OTHER NOTABLES Athletes who ran and rode: 12 Multi-team athletes: 1 Intrepid kayakers: 13 Algae rashes contracted: 0 Last-minute discipline changes: 1 First time ever endurance athletes: 15 Last minute dropouts: 1 Only team with full costumes: Walice & Gillies (at left, below) Only team with matching shirts: Ladies, Man (at right, below) Sparkle skirts on course: 1 Title Nine Challenge 2015 Title Nine Challenge 2015 NOTABLE MOMENTS AND T9ERS T9C15_4Every runner had to stop about 2 miles into their loop at the Feats of Strength station to earn a sticker (via planking, potato sack racing and a number of other 'feats,') that would allow them passage through the finish. Any team who finished without them was to be disqualified. A few of our favorite tidbits straight from the mouths of the team who manned the Feats of Strength station: "RENEE was the first one in. Duh. People were surprisingly better at hula hooping than they claimed to be. If you ever want to tick off people, make them wait for a runner who is a minute away from them to do a challenge together. Holding plank pose is hard.  Holding plank pose after running in 80 degree heat is harder. JANIS is the only one who could spin a basketball on her finger." Title Nine Challenge 2015LINK went from zero to 11 miles - yes, hitting the run loop twice - after a pre-challenge neck injury kept her from training. She also ran her second loop with one shoe orthodic in and the other out, but we won't ask about that. GREG not only found out the day of the challenge he was to be running, not riding, he completed the run in laceless basketball shoes (as shown at left.) He even sprinted in at the finish! NICQUIE wasn't on one team, but two! She did a run leg for one team, then turned around and did a bike leg for another. Now that's a team player. MARSHA (below) may have been the last person to finish the course, but not without having a bit of adventure. A 10 minute wrong-direction start put her off the radar of the bike sag team, who had begun to shut down aid stations till they received word that she was still out on the course! Happily, she rode into the finish accompanied by said sag bike team to much fanfare (and some set-aside Chipotle.) Title Nine Challenge 2015 Title Nine Challenge 2015Volunteer EVIE (far right) wasn't fazed at all by the algae bloom and led just under a dozen T9ers around the lake during the optional kayak event. To finish notables on a very happy and healthy note, the number of runners could technically be bumped to 47 from 45, all puns intended. We won't name names, but there were not one, but two secretly pregnant runners to hit the challenge course, who happen to also be due a week apart. She who was at 12 weeks pregnant at challenge time finished in 1:35, with her 11 weeks counterpart finishing in 1:01. We're happy to report everyone is doing well!   MORE T9 CHALLENGE STATS Title Nine Challenge 2015 Title Nine Challenge 2015 Fastest run loop: 0:46 by Renee (at left - hence, why she was the first one through Feats of Strength) Fastest bike loop: 0:55 by Anthony (at right - he completed both loops for a combined 1:53) Challengers by age group:

20-29: 13 30-39: 20 40-49: 21 50 and up: 10

Title Nine Challenge 2015 Chipotle eaten: $1830 worth Injuries sustained: ZERO!   ALL of us here at Title Nine would like to thank: thankyouT9C15_1 Mike’s Bikes in Berkeley for hosting pre-event training clinics. Specialized Bikes for providing gear, and both for fittings and endless cheering day-of. Coach Aaron Castillo, lovingly known as Coach Evil, of CFO Endurance for every preparatory track, trail and conditioning workout. The park rangers of Lake Chabot and the folks of East Bay Parks and Rec (and the incredibly enthusiastic park goers who happily cheered us on and even joined in on bits of the fun.) Our incredible volunteer cycling support and sag team –Jaclyn Applegate, Heather Pugh, Brian Poppelwell, Dana Martin, Lisa Young, and Tree – who did so much more than just ride with us. Our volunteer run sag duo, Susie Cohen and Maryann Acterberg, for sweeping the trail and being ready to corral any stragglers. Our favorite local event photographer Tom Campitelli, who not only has yet to bat a lash at our antics, trekked all over the course and then some to capture it all. (Click to view our complete T9 Challenge photo gallery.) And who could forget our T9 challenge leaders? Thank you to our ever-fearless race director Melanie, volunteer coordinators Michele and Lisa P., and event manager Carla.
Title Nine Challenge 2015

Melanie and Carla, post successful challenge.

WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!   Want to join in on some fun with the team here at Title Nine? Find us at one of our upcoming events!

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Save the Dates: 2015 Title 9K Events are Coming!

T9K_15_SAVE1 For the last 13 years, it has been our honor to put on Title 9Ks. Our events are different, and we like it that way! Over time, our run series has grown a fan base, visited different cities and become one of the only run events to continually celebrate dedicated stroller divisions. This year, it is with great excitement that we announce we have added even more fun to our series. Join us for: - the original T9K event, the 13th annual Mother's Day Title 9K+ Run on May 10th at the Boulder Reservoir - the 2nd Spokane Title 9K Run on June 14th at Riverfront Park -- YES, IT'S BACK! - the 6th annual Bay Area Title 9K Run on September 13th at Quarry Lakes Park Training-Button WHAT IS THE TITLE 9K? Fun runs with colored dust or costume themes did not yet grace every weekend as a commonplace affair when the our run series was born. The Title 9K was created as a celebration of women and girls in sport, a pavement party in honor of active living. We wanted to have an event that welcomed women of every pace, one that celebrated the new mother walking with her baby jogger with as grand a cheer as the gal who broke the finish line tape. Team T9ers from both our home office and various retail locations can be found volunteering at every event, cheering themselves hoarse, full of endless high-fives and excitement: ultimately, every Title 9K is about celebrating the participants - like YOU! T9K_15_SAVE2 *NEW* HELLO, 5K! This year, not only will we be returning to Spokane, both our Spokane and Bay Area events will include a never-before-offered 5K option, excellent for those who are new to run events or for those who have the need for speed. Whether the 5K or 9K is your distance of choice, you won't find a place on our registration form asking for a recent event time: every race is self-corralled, and we have a place for every pace. *NEW* GIRLS RUN PARTY Have some best running friends you don't want to leave behind? Register your group of 3 or more as a "Girls Run Party," and save a bit of cash for lunch together after the race. (Download the Girls Run Party form here.) And, we are happy to also share that this isn't a "no boys allowed" affair: is your best running friend your son or nephew? Invite him! Boys under 18 are welcome to all of our Title 9K events. ROLL ON, MOTHER RUNNER Where other races say "no," we say "YES!" Since its inception, we have proudly furnished two dedicated divisions at our Title 9Ks solely for those who wish to participate with their run stroller, one each for walkers and runners. RAGAMUFFIN RUN An annual favorite, there is a free pre-race event just for the little speedsters in your life. Three heats with age-appropriate distances are offered: the Rumbling Reds (ages 2-3,) Blazing Blues (ages 4-5,) and Yahoo Yellows (ages 6-8). Simply bring your Ragamuffin to the registration table the day of the event to get them signed up! With a free expo and event photos, a catalog-cover photo booth, ad-free race tees, a finishers prize for every participant and activities for the kids while you're on the course, we can't think of a reason why not to join us.

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Register-Button Registration opens February 1st. Don't miss out on our special nine day 'super saver' early bird registration from February 1st through the 9th!


T9er’s Essentials: What Keeps Ann Moving

What are the essentials that keep YOU moving? T9er Ann G. shared, now it's your turn: what are one or two of your must-have items?

Tell us in the comments or leave us a photo. We'd love to hear from you! Timeout_email1-12

What's in Ann G's bag:

Hair ties, KettleGuard burnout tee, KIND bars, earbud headphones, Tech Athena sports bra, Tom's of Maine deodorant, Urban Gym Capri, RPM Fitness speed rope, Quickstep Runner, Kiehl's lip balm, Hydroflask insulated bottle.