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Let’s Train: 9 Weeks Till T9K

We love the Title 9K for so many reasons: it is a celebration of women and girls, of sport, of coming together outside and moving, all while making new memories. We cherish that it has a place for every pace, from our baby jogger walker division all the way to those who crowd the beloved "Think You're Gonna Win It" pace sign at the front. Besides, who could say no to a race that is both an instant personal best at not 5K, not 10K, but 9K distance, and that boasts a chocolate aid station mixed in amidst the water on the course? Not us! We want to make sure that runners and walkers alike cross the finish line strong, so we have put together a simple training plan to prepare for any Title 9K in just 9 weeks. The countdown has begun - and we can't wait to see you at the finish! T9K_2014_TrainingTable-BIG TRAINING GUIDE KEY RUN: Left foot, right foot, left foot, repeat - whatever pace is comfortable, that's the pace to run! Get out there and put one foot in front of the other. Let run days be about distance, and not about speed. CT: Cross training, abbreviated here as CT, can be a great addition to a running plan, but is not necessary. Cross-training could include other aerobic activities such as cycling, swimming, walking, hiking or even snowshoeing and cross-country skiing if conditions allow. Strength training and plyometric work is that great too - just don't overdo it! Those run days are important. REST: Yes - rest is necessary! This could either be an active rest day, such as restorative yoga or a light day hike, or it could be complete rest. Our bodies need this time to rebuild and recover so we can tackle the next big activity. Enjoy those rest days. The race will be here before we know it! WALKERS: The first number is minutes to run, followed by minutes to walk; this is often referred to as "The Galloway Method." Thus, by week 8, the program starts with 3/1 x 10, meaning 3 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking, repeated 10 times. While we absolutely advocate a getting out and moving, before beginning any fitness regimen, please consult your physician to assure it is appropriate for you.   Download your own copy of our training plan here: the 9 Weeks to Title9K Training Plan For complete event information for all upcoming Title 9K events, please click here.  

What We’ve Been Up To: Life at T9

Back in May, we introduced "What We've Been Up To," a new Timeout blog series dedicated to sharing both sides of the Title Nine "work hard, play harder" lifestyle. July is upon us - and we have been up to some fun! T9 BEHIND THE SCENES Have you ever wondered how many times it took to get that great action shot of Shelly jumping a hay bale in our Swing SWB? Want to know what happens when things get extra goofy on set? Check out more examples of the down and (sometimes literally) dirty behind the scenes on our model scout Facebook page, or search for the #t9behindthescenes hashtag on Instagram.   BATTLING CHEFS OFF-SITE Competitive nature here at T9 doesn't stop with sports - it bleeds into everything! Our Creative Team took over the workspace at local Kitchen On Fire for a four-team cooking competition. The reward? Consuming all the hard work with a glass of wine and incredible company. Find out all about our Kitchen on Fire adventure in our next Timeout post this Tuesday. Spoiler alert: it was all delicious. ridiculously delicious and lovely salad   COACH EVIL Our team includes couch-to-5Kers and folks training for full Ironman triathlons. As we begin our countdown to the 5th Annual Title 9K Bay Area, our favorite guy over at CFO Endurance has returned. Coach Aaron - also known 'lovingly' as Coach Evil - has our crew hitting up conditioning at the park, and doing work down at the track. If you're ever at Edwards Stadium on a Wednesday, say hello and know we love high fives. Photos from our first conditioning workout can be seen here.   3 V 3 BASKETBALL TOURNEY Our owner/founder Missy has been playing basketball since long before her days at Yale, so when the sun finally started showing up, it was only natural for us to take to the park for a 'special rules, all levels' 3 on 3 basketball tournament... with very interesting results caught via GoPro. Did she foul our warehouse manager Eric? You decide.   AND AS ALWAYS, THERE'S MORE TO COME. Have you ever seen pictures from a T9 event and thought, "Wow, I'd love to be a part of that?" Now you can! Please come out and join the T9 crew at the 5th Annual Bay Area Title 9K this September. Training plans are coming, so grab a girlfriend, your baby jogger and your can-do attitude and we will see you at the finish. Register today!

Make the Most of Summer: Get Out & Stay Out

6-23-Timeout-MM What are YOUR favorite ways to make the most of long summer days and warm summer nights? Share with us!
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Wordless Wednesday: on video

Grill On, Girl

One of our favorite accessories in summer months is the lasting perfume that could only come from barbecuing up a storm. Here are some of our favorite grilling tips and recipes. 6-16-Timeout-GrillTips TIPS STRAIGHT FROM T9ERS "I grill year 'round. I use one of our Title Nine Ultimate Night Lights for light in the darker months." - Ann ('Que Queen) "Stop your wooden kebab skewers from charring on the grill by soaking them for a few hours - or overnight - before you load 'em up with meat and veggies." - Jennifer (Grill Guru) "For a crispy crust, I love doing pizza on the grill. Dust the bottom of the crust with cornmeal before grilling to help the pizza dough slip on to the grill easily." - Larissa (Resident Chef) "Toss fresh veggies with olive oil and add a little salt and pepper. They'll be perfect on the grill." - Abby (Creative Foodie) "Bank hot coals by moving them to one side of the grill for searing and use the other side of the grill with the lid on for roasting." - Janis (BBQ Betty)  [Grab Janis' favorite BBQ recipe for Peruvian Grilled Chicken here. Bonus: we've successfully applied this to vegetarian grilling and it was delicious!]   What is YOUR best grilling tip, or favorite recipe come BBQ season? Share with us below!