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Every Single Piece of Swim We Sell is Designed by Women

women know what women want

When it comes to swim, we trust women designers to solve women-specific problems. Because women know what women want: adjustable tops and budge-proof bottoms, engineered to fit all kinds of boobs and butts. That’s why all our swimwear—from us and the brands we believe in—is built, designed and tested by women, for women.

Meet the badass women entrepreneurs behind the lines we carry:


We’re Building Better Swim

experts in swim since 1989

We believe in the power of a good suit. One that fits all water women’s bodies, that holds up and never holds us back – and looks damn good too.

35 years, 500+ styles, and tons of wipeouts go into making every suit the best. Adjustable tops and stay-put bottoms for all kinds of boobs and butts. And those details you can’t see… quick-dry cups (no more soggy boobs), sand-proof liners (for max crotch comfort) and UPF 50+ built in. 

The T9 team designing our swim is made up of 100% women. They wear-test our swimwear and listen to customer feedback to identify problems, and design for solutions, not just for looks. Fit, function, and feel are queen.


Mothers of Invention

we are a band of women just like you

Some call us creators, inventors, and trailblazers. Others call us “mom.” But we’re a band of women just like you.

We are athletes and designers, product testers and product users, outdoor adventurers
and playground monitors, and we deserve gear that fits our bodies, our lives, our adventures.

For over three decades, we’ve been solving the tricky performance apparel problems for women athletes and adventurers. Let’s call them “Women’s Problems.” (more…)


Gear That Works for Women

We are a band of women athletes

We are also MOMS, RISK TAKERS, RULE BREAKERS, and yes, even lunch makers…

We design, build, select, and sell gear for women who RUN the House and FIX the house. For moms who MANAGE Zoom class schedules while running Zoom meetings. For women who BUILD strong communities and the damn IKEA furniture. And WE DESERVE gear that fits our bodies, our lives, and our adventures. (more…)


Pockets Are Power

Sharon Owens quoteSometimes the pockets on women’s clothing really suck.

But the truth is, we have it a lot better than our sisters before us. NONE of their dresses had pockets, and what pockets they had were hard-to-access pouches tied on underneath their skirts. They moved to carrying purses because that was actually EASIER. (Yikes.) (more…)