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Comfort Food Gets a Healthy Makeover

We spotted this article on Runner's World this morning as our little toes and fingers were freezing off and talk of soups, casseroles and hearty meals had us counting the clock for lunch. However, in gearing up for the holiday's we're doing our best to stay true to our fitness goals and maintain the hard earned shape we gained over the summer. Enter, this article! You know we love our cream and a good bar of chocolate, but there is no harm in implementing a few of the tips below to keep you feeling fresh after that big bowl of homemade chili. Enjoy! Oh baby, it’s cold outside. When the weather outside is less than forgiving—like it is where I live in Pittsburgh—comfort foods sound great. But some of these foods pack a pretty hefty calorie punch, which can make your next run feel more like a waddle. Here’s how you can still eat your favorite winter foods in an enlightened way. Chili  Make a chili with 95% lean ground meat, or a mix of lean ground meat and ground turkey breast. Add some beans, canned tomatoes and spices for flavor. Soups and stews Stew meat is extremely lean. Add veggies (fresh, frozen or canned) for a comforting meal that tastes great. When making chicken noodle soup, think more broth and veggies and less noodles. Try using a whole grain—like barley—instead of noodles for a nice chew. Hot cereal  This is one of my personal favorites. Instead of buying the presweetened varieties, buy plain oatmeal and add a protein source (skim milk, soy milk, hemp milk, almond milk or protein powder), a sweetener (preserves, maple syrup, honey, brown sugar), fruit (fresh, frozen or dried) and spice (ginger, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, even a dash of cayenne). Mac and cheese  Play with a mac and cheese recipe too much and you may get a very unsatisfactory dish, but you can swap a few ingredients for a lower calorie treat. Try using evaporated skimmed milk instead of whole milk or cream. You can also use less cheese if you use a variety with a stronger flavor like Gruyere or Fontina. Chicken pot pie  Mark Bittman offers a great recipe for this true comfort food, which is typically full of fat in other recipes. Check it out here. Other substitutes
  • If a recipe calls for two cups of pasta, use one and add more vegetables.
  • Replace one cup of sugar with 2/3 cup and add extra sweetness through vanilla, sweet spices and fruit.
  • Cut fat from baked goods by replacing fat or oil recommendations with Greek yogurt, canned pumpkin or applesauce.
  • Add thickness to soup by adding pureed beans or split peas. It’ll make your soup creamier, more filling and add fiber and protein.
Think about improving your nutrition by adding instead of omitting. Add more vegetables to vegetable soup or throw in a few canned pumpkin cubes (keep in freezer and use as needed), throw some shredded cabbage into a salad and add dried fruit to a stew or chili (dried plums in a beef stew and tart cherries in chili are excellent). Look for more tips on making your calories work for you in my new book The Active Calorie Diet. Enjoy and stay warm. -Leslie Have a question for Leslie? E-mail her. (Please write "Ask the Sports Dietitian" in the subject line.) NOTE: Due to the volume of mail, we regret that Leslie cannot answer every e-mail. And for more guidance on fueling and diet, check out Leslie's Sports Nutrition for Coaches.

Salt Lake City, Here We Come!

The cat's outta the bag! We are opening our 20th store in Salt Lake City this November!

Opening our 20th store has made us 20 crazy. Here's what else is 20:
  • 20 is the number of quarter or half turns required to optimally solve a Rubik’s Cube.
  • The number 20 can also be called a score (as Abraham Lincoln did in his Gettysburg Address).
  • There are 20 ounces in Venti size coffees at Starbucks.
  • 20 is CB slang for "a place", being short for "10–20", used in reference to a person or object's location.
We are so excited about this new location! And we promise more details will be coming your way soon, but to tide you over here are some interesting facts about SLC…
  • Utah's snow is unusually dry, earning it the reputation of having the World's Greatest Powder. Eight ski resorts lie within 50 miles of the city including Park City, Snowbird and Solitude (I know of some powder hounds who are salivating right about now).
  • The name Utah comes from the Native American Ute tribe and means People of the Mountains.
  • SLC was home to the 2002 Winter Olympics where Janica Kostelic won three gold’s and a silver - the first Winter Olympic medals ever for an athlete from Croatia and the first three-gold performance by a female.
  • Utahis the only state whose capital's name is made of three words. All three words inSalt Lake Cityhave four letters each…WOW is all I can say.
  • Salt Lake is home to two roller derby leagues: the Salt City Derby Girls and Wasatch Roller Derby.
  • Salt Lake City developed the first bicycle priority lanes in the U.S., called "Green Shared Lanes" in 2008, placing a 4' wide green band down the middle of a travel lane.
  • And don’t forget the Mormons! SLC is the HQ of the Mormon Church and home to Brigham Young University.
  • In SLC it is illegal to walk down the street carrying a violin concealed in a paper bag (better use our new retail reusable bags for your violin!)
See you soon, Utah! (As for the nitty gritty, we'll be in the 9th and 9th neighborhood at: 965 East 900 South /Salt Lake City UT 84105)

T9 Vocabulary Lesson: Regulator and Woolicious

We love product reviews as much as you do. And we thought it's high time to take the conversations had over mixing our oatmeal here in the kitchen, zooming around on scooters, and waiting for the next workout and put them down on "paper" for you. Rebecca, our Director of Retail, is always waiting for next years Regulator, and Alice, of Alice's Picks, is lovin' the Woolicious this year. Here's their take. Take it, or leave it ;)  

Regulator Fabric - Rebecca, the Master of Retail

Why do I love my Regulators? Let me count the ways. First and foremost, they are like wearing a “fleecey” blanket but one that I can walk, run and cross-country ski in. Secondly, they just fit so darn great. It’s that pant that you wear well – 360 degrees well (I mean front, sides and backside!). And most importantly, they really do what they say the do – regulate my temperature. Now only if they could regulate my mood – that would be something!

Woolicious - Alice, the Captain of Creative 

Totally delectable, our new Woolicious is hands down our most ‘yummy’ wool blend that even sensitive skin can eat right up!  My favorite piece is the Down the Line Hoody: the best of both worlds, it is body skimming without squeezing and is sporty yet svelte.  The soft, smooth, angora-like interior slides over bare arms without any prickles and fun textured exterior elevates it from super basic to subtle bombshell… or at least that’s how it makes me feel when I wear it!  Bonus: everything made from Woolicious is machine washable, which means that the only special care my laundry requires is sorting by color… maybe.


Title Nine From Behind the Lens

Almost as a perfect example of how we do things around here, when photographer Laura Barisonzi learned about Title Nine she reached out to us interested in working together, and next thing you know she was on a plane headed west. When it's good, it's good and we won't waste any time seizing an opportunity. Who says we don't like the East Coast? As T9ers you already know that the shots turned out fabulous and we couldn't be more excited to have a new, vivacious and outgoing gal on our team. Glad to have you on board, Laura!  *the following post was featured on the blog of "Wonderful Machine Cog", a marketing engine for commercial photographers*   Title Nine  Wednesday September 5th, 2012 by Maria Luci In 1972, the landmark civil rights law Title IX was passed in the United States, barring gender discrimination in education, and opening many doors for women. The most notable impact of Title IX has been on high school and collegiate athletics, with many attributing the growth of women’s sports around the world to the legislation. Title IX was also the inspiration behind the women’s athletic clothing line Title Nine, a brand that’s “evangelical” about women participating in sports and fitness activities. Sharing similar views and photographic styles, New York-based sports photographer Laura Barisonzi recently reached out to Title Nine about working together. Not long after, Laura found herself headed to Moab for a Title Nine fitness shoot. Title Nine’s focus is on highlighting real, athletic women participating in activities they’re competent and comfortable in—which is what they hired Laura to capture for their fall catalog. Laura was excited to work for the brand she felt she was such a good fit for. The only issue with the shoot was the fact that it needed to be completed in spring while still appearing as fall-like as possible; but Laura knew she could make it work.

So to achieve a fall feel, Laura took production from her home base all the way out to the deserts of Moab, Utah. She knew the red rocks would make for a perfectly autumn backdrop. However, putting together a shoot so far from home meant casting the models from thousands of miles away. Luckily though, she’s used to working with “real” people as models and actually found them helpful with production. She says, “I cast the subjects from afar, which was a big challenge. Of course, the benefit of using real people who actually do the sports is that they’re able to provide some location knowledge as well as some supplemental propping.”

For the shoot, Laura and the team spent three days in Moab photographing women kayaking, trail running, mountain biking, bouldering, camping, hiking and more. The crew braved sandy windstorms and 100 degree plus heat to get the shots. Laura adds, “we worked very long shoot days, focusing on dawn and dusk with shoot breaks in the middle of the day for naps in the air conditioning. Call times were 4:30 am so that I could take advantage of nice, soft dawn light.” It was all worth it though, with the final shots making Laura and the client very happy. The images are now being used in Title Nine’s fall catalog, on their website and in-store posters. View more of her work at barisonzi.com.

Staff Favorites

All the new Fall product has arrived in our Customer Service department and with the girls running around trying on every piece of it they can, we thought it's high time we pass on some of their favorites and the feedback. Enjoy!   Jackie on the Hybrid Jacket

"I love HYBRID ANYTHINGGGG! So I love the Hybrid Jacket! The material so soft yet so versatile and tough! It’s something you put on quickly and can wear it anywhere! It’s warm without being too warm, and I love the colors it comes in! I own the Hybrid Pullover, and hopefully will be a proud owner of a Hybrid Jacket soon!"


Elyse on the Indie Dress

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Indie Dress! I am obsessed with the pockets. The great thing about them is they don’t make your hips look big. The dress has a really nice a-line, so it doesn’t stick to my thighs :) Perfect length for my short frame. I’ve dressed this up, dressed it down, with boots and flats, in anywhere from 0 degrees to 60 degrees. I will eventually be a proud owner of three, even though I’ve been more than content with the one I own for 3 years. Yes, I’m obsessed. Just a little.


Ruby on the Light and Mighty Runner

"I loved the Light and Mighty Runner when I first laid my eyes on it during or pre-season Product Knowledge talk, and then I got to try them on! Omg, they're fresh and funky and perfect for running in!!!!"

          Have you had a chance to try on any of our new Fall items? Tell us, which ones are your favorites?