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One Nation, Under Women

She the People

Yes, 2020 was a year of Never-Befores, and much has been made of all of those Never-Befores that we hope will be Never-Agains.

AND… 2020, was the year that We, the people also became She, the people.

Across America, women showed up in droves to vote, to run, to lead and to win! (more…)


Get Outside Together


When I need to re-kindle my sense of optimism, I head into the outdoors. It’s there, amongst family and friends, and dirt and trees, that I’m reminded of all that I hold dear about my community and this great (and messy and flawed and striving) country of ours. (more…)


It’s In Our Hands


Yes, the election season is all but over but the movement towards a more perfect nation continues still. And THAT result remains in OUR hands, in ALL of our hands. It is (and always has been) in our hands regardless of whether “our guy” or “our gal” wins or loses. (more…)


Make Your Move

Make Your Move

WE are ALL Movers and Makers*, each and every one of us. We move the needle on the daily, and sometimes we even move mountains. We make dinner and we make a living but, more importantly, we are moved to make communities.

So, what kind of communities will we choose to make? Will we move forward together, following the music in our souls, or will we sink down into despair, alone? (more…)