To celebrate all the bad*ss mothers holding down the fort and still managing to raise the roof, we invited you to head to Instagram and tag photos of #onetoughmother in your life.

Congrats to our winner @naturemamareads! A self-described outdoor mama and book lady, she’s also a nursing assistant and environmental advocate. And while only one mama could win the Ortovox Fly Daypack full of tough mother worthy gear, every one of you is definitely #onetoughmother.

Check out just a few of the awesome entries we received:

Through #triathlon, I’ve learned patience, pacing and to quiet the negative thoughts when you go to the dark corners of your mind that make you want to quit the race.@ironptmom

Lucky to have #onetoughmother so my nine year old daughter grows up knowing grandmas powerlift, even in their 70s..” @hapatrails

“This is #onetoughmother. She is a hard working, adventure seeking, DIY’ing home improvement, loving mother @mirandabaileyquick.” @19islandgirl79

“Frontline healthcare worker and super badass triathlete.” @jainelovesmaine

“A most amazing woman, athlete and Mum! I nominate @nicholagerland as #onetoughmother.” @momma_les

So happy to be 3 years out of treatment for tnbc. This was my solution to protect my chemo port during workouts.@aimeebcstickney

Happy Mother’s Day! Being a mom is the toughest job in the world!@fitnessinstructordream

“Mother of 2 strong daughters, daughter of a strong 85 YO mother, registered nurse, mother of the best dog ever.” @tracy.c.rae

My supermom sister carrying it all on her shoulders during these crazy times….and with a smile.” @shellymac6789

“Here is my #onetoughmother. She’s 79 she zip lines, she plays #pickleball #hikes #mountains. She placed 1st and third in the senior Olympics. She’s a great gramma, a gramma and the most awesome best friend and #mom I could have hoped for. ” @julielamoreaux

“The awesome woman in the red kayak is the best mom and grandmother. Retired physical education teacher and Cortland State Hall of Famer. She is my inspiration and rock.” @bikesinwoods

Happy Mother’s Day from Title Nine! Now go fill a pack with some of your own tough-mother-worthy gear — you’ve earned it.

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