“Come on in, the water’s fine.”

I love this phrase. It does not say that the water is safe or warm or perfect, but it is fine. And that’s the world we are all going to emerge into over the next weeks and months: a world that is fine.

Not a world of absolute safety. We don’t get that (and really, never have.) But it is fine, and as I re-enter—as we all re-enter—we will make this world of ours finer still.

And we will learn how to be safe enough.
Safe enough allows me to see my aging mom.
Safe enough allows for trial, error, and learning.
Safe enough allows me to meet people in person.
Safe enough allows for surprise.
Safe enough may not mean pick-up basketball…yet.
(But family pickleball is definitely on the agenda.)
Safe enough allows our lives to expand.
Soon it will be safe enough, safe enough for a swim.

Safe enough for us to ease into the water and learn to swim in this new world of ours.

Come on in…the water’s fine.

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