fitfest_dt1If you find yourself near one of our oh-so-famous Retail Stores stop by for our upcoming Bra Fit Fests. Moving Comfort's bra fit expert, June Fox will be giving each one of the attendees a customized bra fitting. We'll also give you 15% off any bra purchase you make at the store. So load up ladies! Refreshments will be provided as well. See below for more details. May 7th - Austin Bra Fit Fest May12th - Seattle (Greenlake) Bra Fit Fest May 13th - Bellevue Bra Fit Fest May 28th - Boise Bra Fit Fest June 9th - Palo Alto Bra Fit Fest June 10th - Berkeley Bra Fit Fest June 16th - Walnut Creek Bra Fit Fest June 17th - Mill Valley Fit Fest June 24th - Colorado Springs Bra Fit Fest June 25th - Denver (Cherry Creek) Bra Fit Fest June 26th - Boulder Bra Fit Fest July 30th - Portland Bra Fit Fest