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Bra Fit Fest

fitfest_dt1If you find yourself near one of our oh-so-famous Retail Stores stop by for our upcoming Bra Fit Fests. Moving Comfort’s bra fit expert, June Fox will be giving each one of the attendees a customized bra fitting. We’ll also give you 15% off any bra purchase you make at the store. So load up ladies! Refreshments will be provided as well. See below for more details.

May 7th – Austin Bra Fit Fest

May12th – Seattle (Greenlake) Bra Fit Fest

May 13th – Bellevue Bra Fit Fest

May 28th – Boise Bra Fit Fest

June 9th – Palo Alto Bra Fit Fest

June 10th – Berkeley Bra Fit Fest

June 16th – Walnut Creek Bra Fit Fest

June 17th – Mill Valley Fit Fest

June 24th – Colorado Springs Bra Fit Fest

June 25th – Denver (Cherry Creek) Bra Fit Fest

June 26th – Boulder Bra Fit Fest

July 30th – Portland Bra Fit Fest

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  1. lblanco #

    @Jana Miller: Me Too!

    August 31, 2009
  2. Jana Miller #

    I’d go to New Paltz for a FitFest! (I live outside of Albany)

    August 6, 2009
  3. Sheri Barker #

    I would like to second the request for a FitFest in Southern CA. I am most interested in the Most Supportive category. I am a DD (or DDD depending on the design) and have trouble finding a well-fitting everyday bra — sports bras are a nightmare!!

    July 19, 2009
  4. Helen Feddema #

    I would like a FitFest at Rock and Snow, in New Paltz, NY. I have spent hundreds of dollars on sports bras over the years, and never yet found one that gives enough support for running.

    July 12, 2009
  5. Lee Larsen #

    I’ll absolutely be @ FitFest 2009 in the Mill Valley store–it’s on my calendar! I’ve been trying to figure out my best odds for ordering a bra from you guys for years and have never fulfilled my mission! Love your barbell rating system–it’s brilliant and I know it will be useful once I’ve gotten a start point. I really appreciate this opportunity and am looking forward to getting some great bras from you!

    June 5, 2009
  6. Sara Benum #

    How do I find out when the Bellevue FitFest will be? I couldn’t bring up anything but Bellevue (a big city) and the date (May 13).

    Incidentally, I celebrated my 70th birthday in December by signing up at my gym (Island Athletic on Whidbey Island, Washington) for 3 month of personal training. Now, three months later, I share a weekly group session with two younger women, neither of whom can keep up with me. I’ve lost 7 pounds since the first of the year and am going strong. My weight, BMI, and body fat % are all in normal range, and I’m on track to lose 6 more pounds by summer. Now all I need are a couple new training bras! (Neither the trainer nor the other women believe I’m 70. I may have to bring in my birth certificate to prove it!) Sara Benum

    May 5, 2009

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