Maybe you’re snowed in right now. Or maybe you’re one of the lucky few who lives somewhere where winter is already starting to pack it in and the weather’s warming up.

Either way, if you’re anything like us, you’re eyeing the trails and chomping at the bit to get out there for some hiking, running, and trekking. But before you head out, it’s wardrobe update time, and at the top of our list? LEGGINGS. Specifically, the T9 kind.

workout leggings for womenSo, what makes a T9 legging special?

T9 leggings are built a little (ok a LOT) differently than all the other leggings out there. We design them so you can do what you wanna do—because if you’re out there doing it, your leggings should keep up.


What to look for in our leggings:

  • Totally opaque. No seriously. Down dog your heart out, T9 leggings won’t show a thing.
  • Never, ever baggy. They stretch with you and recover just as fast, so bags don’t stand a chance.
  • Super soft. Just because they work hard, doesn’t mean they can’t be soft and comfy, too.
  • Pockets, pockets, pockets! Yes, we’re that excited about pockets. Lots of cell phone-friendly ones, too. Because just because you’re wearing leggings doesn’t mean you don’t have stuff to schlep.
  • They stay put. Constantly pulling up your leggings gets really old, really fast. Every legging we carry is totally sag-proof.


Team T9’s Top 5 Leggings & Tights:

Daily Decathlon Tight1. Daily Decathlon Tight

Our go-to cool weather outdoor tight, with two—yes two!— side slip-in pockets, so your cell phone stays safe.


Trail Tamer Tight2. Trail Tamer Tight

The first true “hike” tight, this tough stretch-woven legging by KÜHL is abrasion resistant, so it won’t snag when you’re bushwhacking through the brush.


Mad Dash Reversible Running TIght3. Mad Dash Reversible Running Tight

Two tights in one: switch it up and double your wardrobe. Is it a print or a solid day?


Nightlight Reflective Running Tight4. Nightlight Reflective Running Tight

The days are still short (no matter how much we’re jonesing for long summer nights), so we’re keeping the lights on longer with these reflective running tights, perfect for dawn/dusk adventures.


Code Cracker Crop5. Code Cracker Crop

So many fun prints, soft as all get-out, plus a stash pocket! We’d wear these every day of the week if we could (and with so many different prints to choose from, that’s entirely possible….)


Still searching for your gotta-have athletic leggings, running tights and running capris? We’ve got plenty more ways to level up your leggings game at

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