Every Friday is a Victory

This year of COVID has tested moms of every stripe in ways that we could not have imagined. If we are full-time moms, full-time has meant “non stop.” If we work outside the home, it has also meant “non-stop.” COVID has, at times, required more than we can give and often a marital re negotiation of shared responsibilities. The social and familial bonds that we carefully tend have been stretched and even (temporarily) broken.

We have lost time, and we have lost loved ones.

And yet, we have persevered. We have created new traditions, learned new skills, discovered new places, found unexpected joys.

My own mantra through this year of turbulence and change, “Every Friday is a victory.”

As we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate over 52 weeks of victories. I hope you’ll share your big and small victories with us.

My victory? I am still happily married — to both my home spouse (thank you, Dana) and my work spouse (thank you, Johnny).

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Missy Park,

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