To celebrate all the bad*ss mothers who have created new traditions, learned new skills, discovered new places, and persevered this past year, we invited you to head to Instagram and tag photos of #onetoughmother in your life.

Congrats to our winner @alwaysrayay! A full-time working mom trying to find that life balance, Sheila and her son Raymond are proud Team Hoyt racers. Sheila says she is, “always grateful to take my son out on runs. His happiness on our runs completes me.” And while only one mama could win a pack full of tough-mother-worthy gear, every one of you is definitely #onetoughmother.

Check out just a few of the awesome entries we received:



“Toughest lady I know!! 70+, she crushes every day, is an artist, adventurer, amazing mother, friend & Oma.” @ateamdenver

“Evening laps with my older son.” @jody.runningwithit

“Noel is #onetoughmother and the brains and brawn behind Franklin High School’s Saber Manufacturing. Go Noel!” @judyraelk

“Keeping S/V Tiny Bubbles II afloat, by taking multitasking to the next level.” @adventuresoftinybubbles2


“Skiing 4 months post #totalhipreplacement pain free! Yay!” @pinkladyapple

“Shout out to my tough mom heading in to Mother’s Day next Sunday. Getting back into backpacking after 20 years or so and kicking but into her 60s.” @rdonthetrail

Happy Mother’s Day from Title Nine! Now go fill a pack with some of your own tough-mother-worthy gear — you’ve earned it.

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