Author: jmorris

Just Leap: Life and Learning How to Surf

Growing up, my walls were covered not with the teen idols my friends adored, but will surf posters. Kelly Slater. Brock Little. Laird Hamilton.

I loved the sport surfing and often dreamed of being on the water inside a wave. But despite being able to boast I’d been surfing in three oceans, I’d never actually gotten up on the board, or been out more than a handful of days.

And by “surfing,” I mean I paddled a surfboard into the water of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Tasman Sea, but never really got the hang of it.

The reality was that the waves scared me. I was much more comfortable diving under them and playing in them without a board. And without a mentor to help me learn the ropes, I was pretty clueless about how to get out; how to get through them; how to pick the right spot; and how to paddle into them. (Not to mention how to pop up, balance and keep my feet on the board before tumbling off.)



Margaret – A Designer in the Making!

Back in March, we had a fantastic drawing sent to us by an 11-year old customer named Margaret. She loves our clothing, and wishes we would make her a comfortable set of overalls made of Samba fabric. We wanted to give her an idea of what it would look like if it became an actual garment, so we took her drawing and gave it life! We had one of our designers turn her idea into a “reality” and gave it legs!

Below is her letter, and click “read more” to see what we turned it into!