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2015 T9 Challenge Recap

Title Nine Challenge 2015

All challengers, pre-race.

We believe in working hard and playing hard – perhaps even harder! Every year, a company challenge is issued. We’ve taken on century bike rides, triathlons, 24 hour running relays, obstacle races and more. Last year, we instead debuted the first ever T9 Challenge: an event for T9ers, by T9ers, where teams of (you guessed it!) even more T9ers would take one another on out on the course. The inaugural event was a great success, and this year’s follow up was another banner affair.



Halloween at T9: the Wizard of Bras

Every year at T9HQ, we get the warehouse and home office teams together for lunch and of course, a big costume competition. While prizes are awarded to best individuals, best small groups (2-3 people,) and best large groups (4+,) this year the Customer Service crew crushed the competition with their group theme costume of “The Wizard of Bras.”

Their presentation was too good to not share, so we took a little timeout in the studio to present unto you four and a half minutes of parody we support.

Happy Halloween!

T9’s Wizard of Bras Parody from Title Nine Social on Vimeo.


Meet Jessica: Official Trainer of T9HQ

Meet T9 trainer Jessica

Here at Title Nine, we work hard together, both in the office and in the gym. With a rowdy, all-levels bunch like ours, a special sort of trainer is required to lead group workouts. It’s no wonder that ever modest superwoman-in-her-own-right Jessica of local gym Icechamber is just the woman for the job.

Jessica isn’t one to brag, so we’ll go ahead and toot a horn for her. Not only is Jessica a mom, trainer, and newcomer to the pages of the Title Nine catalog, she is also an elite kettlebell athlete with a long list of accomplishments including:



1. Fuel up before you throw down! It’s absolutely necessary to have the right snack for your workout – before it even happens. [Check out her recipe for Chocolate Oatmeal, below.]

2. The right attitude is everything. Health is the only thing you own, the workout you’re about to embark on a gift. Check your emotional baggage at the door! Picking it up on the way out is optional.


1. My must-have sports bra is the new Form First bra. When you’re sore, pullovers can turn into pajamas if you know what I mean. Hello, back closure, my new best friend when I’m sore!

2. My go-to shoes always have to meld function with style — and fit MY feet properly. My current favorites are Nike Lunar Glides.


We love/hate/love Jessica because:
“I have always been totally obsessed with mountain climbers, because you can break a quick sweat anywhere! As a trainer, they’re the secret sauce I add to every class.” (Yes… EVERY class. We should know!)

Favorite kettlebell:
Jake! (Jake is her son.)

Move you love to hate:
Back squats make me break a sweat just KNOWING I have to do them… but they’re a killer move to strengthen your backside, which is essential for being an elite kettlebell athlete.

Guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure:
Iced Mochas from Peet’s. I don’t just love them, I dream about them! I get a small with lowfat milk and have convinced myself it’s a perfect recovery drink, like a more adult chocolate milk. Really, who cares? They make me happy.


Try Jessica’s super simple, super-fueling chocolate oatmeal for yourself:



Jessica holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Communication and draws from her background as a competitive triathlete and former gymnast to build the mental fortitude required for Kettlebell Sport. 

When not competing, Jessica serves as the President of Majestev, Inc – the designer and manufacturer of KettleGuard, the #1 wrist protection device for kettlebell lifting.


What We’ve Been Up To: Life at T9

Back in May, we introduced “What We’ve Been Up To,” a new Timeout blog series dedicated to sharing both sides of the Title Nine “work hard, play harder” lifestyle. July is upon us – and we have been up to some fun!

Have you ever wondered how many times it took to get that great action shot of Shelly jumping a hay bale in our Swing SWB? Want to know what happens when things get extra goofy on set? Check out more examples of the down and (sometimes literally) dirty behind the scenes on our model scout Facebook page, or search for the #t9behindthescenes hashtag on Instagram.


Competitive nature here at T9 doesn’t stop with sports – it bleeds into everything! Our Creative Team took over the workspace at local Kitchen On Fire for a four-team cooking competition. The reward? Consuming all the hard work with a glass of wine and incredible company. Find out all about our Kitchen on Fire adventure in our next Timeout post this Tuesday. Spoiler alert: it was all delicious.

ridiculously delicious and lovely salad


Our team includes couch-to-5Kers and folks training for full Ironman triathlons. As we begin our countdown to the 5th Annual Title 9K Bay Area, our favorite guy over at CFO Endurance has returned. Coach Aaron – also known ‘lovingly’ as Coach Evil – has our crew hitting up conditioning at the park, and doing work down at the track. If you’re ever at Edwards Stadium on a Wednesday, say hello and know we love high fives. Photos from our first conditioning workout can be seen here.


Our owner/founder Missy has been playing basketball since long before her days at Yale, so when the sun finally started showing up, it was only natural for us to take to the park for a ‘special rules, all levels’ 3 on 3 basketball tournament… with very interesting results caught via GoPro. Did she foul our warehouse manager Eric? You decide.


Have you ever seen pictures from a T9 event and thought, “Wow, I’d love to be a part of that?” Now you can! Please come out and join the T9 crew at the 5th Annual Bay Area Title 9K this September. Training plans are coming, so grab a girlfriend, your baby jogger and your can-do attitude and we will see you at the finish. Register today!