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Play On!

We here at T9HQ love to get out and play! Even if we think we can’t, we do. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, okay, okay. Who are we kidding? We always want to win 😉 But, it’s just about getting out there and staying out there, no matter how hard you think it is. The important thing is that you went out there and did it. What has been your experience with perhaps trying something new that you weren’t completely successful at? Or do you have a time where you just had to power through a game with a broken nose? Let us know in the comments below!



Just Leap: Get Into Your Own Groove

I lined up at the starting line alongside eight hundred other runners from all over the country.

Nervous energy permeated the air. I jumped up and down to keep my blood warm. The moon rose over the summit of Pike’s Peak and as I looked up, admiring the beauty with awe at nature’s gift, I felt trepidation settle in my gut as I thought about the 26.2 miles of single track trail, not to mention the 7,800 vertical feet ahead of me.

I’d run this race before and this year, I had a plan. It’s all about the pacing.

When the starting gun fires, we all take off. I have placed myself in the middle of the pack and begin jogging slowing and steadily uphill towards the trailhead. It feels like everyone ahead of me is getting further and further away and everyone behind me is passing me.

I stay steady and strong. Despite my desire to push myself faster, I hold back. I know what’s coming.

Sure enough, as we hit the steep hill just before we get on trail, I begin passing.

And one by one, I continue to pass all those who had passed me and were now worn out less than a mile into the race. (more…)


In The Graces of Good Gear

“How important is the gear you have in the long run — as in 13.1 miles long run? Our knower-of-all-things-product, Christina, just finished her second half marathon (and longest trail race to date!) aided by our Helium Hydration Pack. Read about her first time using a hydration pack here.”

It’s no secret: even if it wasn’t essentially my job, I would still be a gear junkie.


In my natural work environment.

Gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, when it comes to all things endorphin and sweat related, I have to learn more. Be it geeking out on my running gait analysis and what that means in terms of ideal run shoes for my personal lack of heel strike or the newest tech toys like tracking sleep and steps via my Fitbit Flex, you can almost guarantee that if it involves working out and peaks my interest at all, I will have a ‘have to have it’ moment. Training is of course essential, but good gear can absolutely help one be prepared for any given situation out on the race course.

So how does a self-proclaimed gear junkie who is on a mission to run 103 races not own a hydration pack?


The Value of NO

We’ve all had those times where we just had to put our foot down and say no. Have you ever been faced with a situation where you just had to say no? Tell us in the comments!



When Fear Comes Out of Nowhere

We’ve all been there: Ready, excited and pumped to try something new. We know it’s a risk, but we’ve thought it through, weighed the options and potential consequences and finally made the decision to go for it.

It’s been on our mind for awhile, and while it’s scary, we’re feeling confident in our decision. We gear up as our friends cheer us on.

And then… we’re blindsided by a tidal wave of unexpected fear and anxiety just as we make that first move. We’re totally frozen.

We’re suddenly off-kilter and uneasy. This was supposed to be fun, exciting and a little daring, but not so scary that it’s paralyzing you!

And to add to the fear is the frustration, disappointment and anger we start to direct towards ourselves. We weren’t supposed to freeze. We were ready! We did everything we were supposed to do. We want to do it… right?

Our friends look at us expectantly. “You can do it. Just breathe. You’ve got this.”

Sometimes the encouraging words help. Sometimes they make it worse.