Countdown to Title IX Anniversary

Day 1: Show Us Your Best Wall Sit!

Oh, we know they burn, but this time, you could get a prize for your pain.

The Challenge:  We want to see what you can do, so take a picture of yourself doing a perfect wall sit and hold it for as long as you possibly can.  Then post your picture and/or your time and get entered to win!

T9ers do a wall sit!

Check us out!  We’ve got our wall sit dialed in – Don’t forget your form!
90 degree angles in your legs and no hands on the knees are key

The Payoff
: One winner will be selected to receive a limited edition Power of 9 Tee of her choice and a Title Nine water bottle.  Keep in mind, there will be points for location, creativity, and keeping it Title IX. So get sittin’ and show us what those legs can do! Don’t wait, get entered>

Countdown to Title IX Anniversary - Prizes

*Prize awarded based on availability. A substitute prize of equal or greater value may be awarded.

Title Nine - 40 Years
40 years ago Congress signed landmark legislation, Title IX, attacking the gender divide in sports. Today that divide has been virtually erased. In 1972, only 30,000 girls participated in high school sports. Today it’s over 3,000,000!! Because many of us here at Title Nine, including our founder, were there in the early years, we think there’s a lot to celebrate this year.