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Yes she did

“When she bounded onto the stage in her sleeveless dresses, with her muscular post-Title IX arms in full view, the definition of a strong woman changed”.


But no, Michelle Obama did not change the definition of a strong woman. She just revealed something that has been going on, hidden in plain sight, for a long, long time. A whole generation of us, we post Title IX women, have been making our mark on the world by the choices we make and the compromises that we have refused to make. We are fit and powerful, buoyed by the strength we found on the fields and courts of our girlhoods.

She does all of us post-Title IXer’s proud, But Michelle Obama is not singular, just the most visible of a whole generation of fit, powerful, post Title IX women. When we celebrate her, we are in fact, celebrating our own strength, our own true selves. And, …

We’ve only just begun.

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Missy Park, Founder

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  1. Right on sister!

    March 28, 2009
  2. thanks for this observational comment on Mrs. O. I just turned 58 yesterday and have always considered myself a strong woman…not just physically but in my abilities to speak up for women. So i could not figure what was the deal w/ all the comments on her beautiful, strong bare arms? Just because you’re a first lady does that mean you have to wear clothes from the past century? geeeezzz. she is always in great taste , with great style, and in great physical condition which should sure help her keep up the hectic pace she’s sure to have . Way to go to m.O!

    March 10, 2009

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