Yes, the election season is all but over but the movement towards a more perfect nation continues still. And THAT result remains in OUR hands, in ALL of our hands. It is (and always has been) in our hands regardless of whether “our guy” or “our gal” wins or loses.

So, let’s not give up OUR power.

The ball is in OUR hands to make our communities better places to live and to work, and our streets safer places to be. The ball is in our hands to greet each day with optimism and joy, rather than pessimism and fear. The ball is in our hands to make common cause with our neighbors. And yes, the ball is in our hands to find common ground with our opponents.

It is in OUR hands, each of our hands, to make this great nation of ours more perfect still.

So, what will my hands, my voice, my heart make of this day that is now before me?

What will we ALL make of this day before us?

Share your answer with me in the comments.

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Missy Park