This Black Friday we’re closing up shop, because on this Black Friday we think a woman’s place should be in the outdoors!

At my house, post-Thanksgiving goes something like this: the dishes are done, turkey soup is on the stove and a deep sense of contentment settles in alongside a deep exhaustion.

Yep, even in 2019, even with all the strides we have made in the workforce and in the political arena, the vast majority of the work that goes into Thanksgiving is done by mothers and daughters, grandmas and nieces, sisters and aunts. In short, for most women, Thanksgiving isn’t a vacation day.

So, here at T9, we’ve decided to make Black Friday a mom’s day off…a day off from minding the register, a day off from tracking sales, a day off from crafting creative, and making merchandise, and a day off from shopping!!!

We are shutting it down and we hope you, along with all the women in your life, will join us in getting outside on Black Friday.

You’ve earned it. We’ve all earned it.


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Missy Park

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