Safety Last

Well, maybe not last, but not always first.

Yes, that pit will always be in my stomach as I watch my daughter ride a treacherous bit of terrain. But the sheer elation on her face and the growing confidence in herself when she cleans it? Well, that shatters my pit into a thousands bits of joy.

I feel that same pit every time I choose to tackle a tricky bit of trail or a tricky patch at work. And so, in the outdoors or at work, I aspire to be a “good failer.” If we can fail well, then the risk of taking risks decreases. And really, the only way to “fail well” is to practice A LOT.

However, we, and our kids, only get to practice failing if safety is sometimes second and sometimes even third or fourth.

So, that’s my question: how and when do we make safety second?

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Missy Park, Founder