Working in a Title Nine store is a constant exercise in restraint. While we can’t have it all, we can have our favorites. We’ve already gotten our excited hands on these favorites; have researched and tried them on all of our body types (here in the store). So in case you need a little inspiration for summer, us Madison T9ers are sharing our favorites with you:

Title Nine Madison - Moving around the tire from left to right: Cathi, Dale, Erin, Anna and Lauren. Pam and Kate are in the tire.

Dale: “I love my new Skip Skirt in the Gravel color. It fits me wonderfully, is cute “as all get out,” goes with just about everything AND I get tons of compliments every time I wear it (which is all the time). Plus, it is almost 50% recycled polyester, so I can feel more environmentally justified in getting three of them.”

Lauren: “I’m going with the Drench Dress. So simple, yet so flattering. LOVE the adjustable side ruching and the ability to dress it up or down.”

Cathi: “The Breakers Hoody Dress! It’s so versatile – throw it on at the beach or pool, OR wear it as a casual dress every day. I have its winter sister, the New School Dress and it’s getting ridiculous how much I wear it. The good kind of ridiculous. The fabric is so soft, smooth and comfy.”

Erin: “Though hard to choose, I think the Wrapper’s Delight Skirt is my favorite. I love the length and cut. I often like to take off running or bike shorts on the fly and the wrap around/dressing room design expands the horizons of socially appropriate places to change clothes!”

Anna: “Mountain Hardwear Unrivaled Run Short. I am in love with the built in spandex boy short underneath that won’t roll up – unlike most shorts that try for a built-in, these are actually long enough (4″ inseam)!! I love running in spandex because it protects my upper thighs from rubbing against each other during long runs, which can spoil a run real quick (nobody likes the dreaded ‘chub rub’). THANK GOD someone finally got it right. Now I can enjoy my long runs with no worries! YAHOO!”

Stay tuned for more updates from our Title Nine stores as well as some updates on things you didn’t even know you wanted to know!