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We believe in the power of a good suit. One that fits all water women’s bodies, that holds up and never holds us back – and looks damn good too.

35 years, 500+ styles, and tons of wipeouts go into making every suit the best. Adjustable tops and stay-put bottoms for all kinds of boobs and butts. And those details you can’t see… quick-dry cups (no more soggy boobs), sand-proof liners (for max crotch comfort) and UPF 50+ built in. 

The T9 team designing our swim is made up of 100% women. They wear-test our swimwear and listen to customer feedback to identify problems, and design for solutions, not just for looks. Fit, function, and feel are queen.

quote from suzanne, product designer and t9 swim expert

We design for ALL boob sizes. That means that compared to an A cup, a swim top for a DDD cup might have thicker straps to better support, and more coverage to prevent spillage. And we know that not all women want the same thing out of their suit – so we have a range of options made for varying levels of coverage and activity. 

We set the bar high for T9 swim, so there are a few things we won’t go without:

Adjustability: Our tops have adjustable straps for customized fit and support, plus, drawcords in our swim shorts and board shorts – that means no slips, no surprises.

Stay-put construction: Suits fit close to the body so they won’t gape, wrinkle, or chafe. Flat-lay seams and comfort waistbands keep our buns covered without the muffin top.

Built-in support: Our wireless designs are modeled after sports bras, and our wired tops use a hidden, single underwire that gives max support – no pinches. Strong elastic keeps the girls up – no nip slips.

infinite adjustability, budge-proof bottoms, no soggy boobs, no sandy crotches

But we’ve also added in a few hidden benefits that we’re pretty proud of that make our suits better than the rest:

Quick-dry cups: Water resistant, perforated cups repel water for a quicker dry time. That means no wet boob marks on our swim coverup after toweling off. Check ‘em out.

Sand-proof liners: Superfine mesh lining in all our bikini tops and bikini bottoms keeps sand out of our suits – even after a day of body surfing and volleyball diving.

surflex solid swim fabric

SurflexⓇ solid fabric: All of our solid swim is made with high performance SurflexⓇ fabric – it’s sleek, abrasion-resistant and colorfast to stand up to chlorine, sand and sun.

We make suits that work for women who work hard and play hard…women like us, women like you.

Got any feedback or something new you want to see in T9 swim? Let us know!