women know what women want

When it comes to swim, we trust women designers to solve women-specific problems. Because women know what women want: adjustable tops and budge-proof bottoms, engineered to fit all kinds of boobs and butts. That’s why all our swimwear—from us and the brands we believe in—is built, designed and tested by women, for women.

Meet the badass women entrepreneurs behind the lines we carry:

carve designs thayer and jen

Founder: Thayer Hinton & Jen Sylvester

Why we love them: Their suits hold up to crashing waves and outdoor adventures – and, most importantly, are designed around women’s bodies first, last, always.

How they got started: During a surf trip in Mexico, they noticed women didn’t have many options for performance surf gear. That wasn’t gonna fly, so the duo decided to solve things by starting Carve. 

Fun fact: Thayer and Jen are lifelong friends that prove that old saying wrong. 

Our favorite product: Endless Summer Sun Shirt because it can go from the skateboard to the surfboard without making us slow down to lotion up.

surfer carving

hakuna wear jessica boynton

Founder: Jessica Boynton

Why we love them: She really gets that women carry their own damn gear. So Jessica’s designs include hidden pockets—and you know how we feel about pockets!

How they got started: As a child, she loved making clothes and costumes. Later, she fell hard for surfing. And when it came time to follow her true calling, making clothes for water women just made sense.

Fun fact: She earned a doctorate in organic chemistry from University of California, Davis.

Our favorite product: Hi Line Bikini Bottom because it’s got a secure back pocket WITH a smart key loop to boot. 

surfer in hakuna wear

september erika togashi

Founder: Erika Togashi

Why we love them: Erika zeros in on modern styles that max out on function. Oh and they really hold up to ALL our shreddy moves. 

How they got started: After 15 years of designing for outdoor brands like Patagonia and The North Face, she decided to start out on her own without any outside funding. Now that’s badass. 

Fun fact: She lives bi-continental, splitting her time between Bali (to catch some waves and put her suits to the test) and New York (for design influence). 

Our favorite product: Veronica One Piece Swimsuit. With its mesh panel and perfectly placed cutouts, it gives bikinis a run for their money.

surfer paddling out in september swim

nani swimwear marissa barlow jenna barlow amy rasmussen

Founders: Marissa Barlow, Janna Barlow, and Amy Rasmussen 

Why we love them: Not too skimpy, never frumpy, always adventure ready.

How they got started: It all started when a daughter asked her mother and a family friend to start a company with her. To her surprise, they said yes! And after a lot of “make it happen” magic, the rest is history.

Fun fact: Co-founder Marissa sketched her first designs during high school math class.

Our favorite product: Switch V Crop Bikini Top because the pull-over style gives us a just-right fit the first time, no adjusting required. 

women wearing nani swimwear crossing a river

maaji amalia sierra manuella sierra

Founders: Amalia Sierra and Manuela Sierra

Why we love them: The colorful prints get us amped up, and the reversible styles give us more options without taking up more space in our bag.

How they got started: The brand was founded by water-loving sisters in Colombia. They wanted to design swimwear that’s inspired by their homeland. And, this really comes through in Maaji’s exciting prints and vibrant colors.

Fun fact: The sisters have always lived and breathed the ocean – They named their company after the Maaji fish (from the Mahi-Mahi family).

Our favorite product: Copilot Reversible Bikini Top is super sleek and the lace-up back dials up the custom fit.

surfer walking on the beach wearing maaji swim

We’re stoked to have these women-led brands in our lineup. Check out their suits and even more kick-ass gear designed by women in our Women-Owned & Led shop.