That is a really good question. Actually, I don’t even like to run….at least most of the time. Sometimes I feel like my body is in a big fight. My lungs, heart, or legs often cry out in protest and beg me to stop while in the process. So why do it then? For the simple fact that there are those days when running feels easy and effortless. Then I know why I run. I run because I can. And since I can I should. Tomorrow I might not be able to. I run because I really like the way I feel AFTER I have run. It ‘s amazing that my lungs and legs can actually feel better after pushing them to their limit. My body feels great! I feel like I have really accomplished something because it was such a challenge to keep going when I wanted to quit. I love the feeling of achieving something that I couldn’t imagine doing even just one year ago. I love the sense of accomplishment of making it to the end. If that’s not enough, here are 10 more reasons:

My Top 10 Reasons:
*I have another reason to shop for shoes.

*It gives me an excuse to get outside and enjoy nature.
*I have more energy all day.
*I simply feel good.
*I can now say, “I’m a runner”
*I am no longer a spectator at races, but a participant…a really great feeling!
*It motivates me to eat healthier.
*I get to talk to dogs and sometimes even horses on my runs. (sounds like I’m a horse whisperer!)
*I have a clearer mind.
*I get a stronger heart and lungs…not to mention great legs…lol  


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