Unsung heroes. Yes, there are the obvious heroes: the Dream Team—male and female, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt. But there are also the stories of a quieter, more genuine kind of inspiration. Some of my favorite moments didn’t necessarily involve marquee-athletes winning gold medals, but rather the great, unsung heroes who showed both strength and grace during adversity.
Lolo Jones showing that it’s possible to be a champion even when you lose.
The business like poise of the Chinese gymnasts and divers…I don’t care how old they are.
The U.S. women’s soccer team’s Wambach-less gold medal…there is no “I” in “team.”
The bouncy, girl-next-door energy and optimism of Shawn Johnson.
Hope Solo the ostracized American soccer goalie who delivered for her team and recovered from her own year of discontent.
The Japanese softball gold medal achieved in the face of the US juggernaut.
Dara Torres—Yahhhhooo for 40 somethings!!!!

Who were the unsung heroes in your Olympic summer?

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