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Meet Missy

Mother of 2, entrepreneur, coach, bike commuter and enthusiastic mountain biker – Title Nine Founder, Missy Park

Oldest piece of gear: Camelbak Charm pack circa 1999
Personal heroes: Billie Jean King. Period. Full stop.
Favorite place: Single track anywhere.
Favorite state of being: Competing against others and with a team; a ball must be involved.
Mode of transportation: Elliptigo, perfectly inefficient equals a good workout.
Essential gadget: CO2 cartridge…whipped cream, seltzer water and inflating tires.
Best-worst thing I’ve ever done: Having children. They have given me a lifetime of joy and heartache.
Words I live by: It’s easier to be forgiven than get permission.
I’m better at: Getting into trouble. Getting out is a close second because I have so much practice.

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