Make Your Move

WE are ALL Movers and Makers*, each and every one of us. We move the needle on the daily, and sometimes we even move mountains. We make dinner and we make a living but, more importantly, we are moved to make communities.

So, what kind of communities will we choose to make? Will we move forward together, following the music in our souls, or will we sink down into despair, alone?

That’s OUR choice, every DAY.

And THAT choice is also our choice at the ballot box. Regardless of whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or somewhere in between, we are ALL movers and makers and we ALL have a voice.

Now is the time to move towards the ballot box so that we can actively make the community we want to move forward in. Now is the time for us as women to make OUR voices heard, to support women (and men) who are daring to lead with hope and optimism.

So let’s get moving! Let’s start making our communities better. Yep, we‘ll start at the ballot box, but we won’t stop there.

Because WE are the movers and the makers.

And we will make it better.

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Missy Park

*At Title Nine, the Movers and Makers is our posse of bada** women.
Together we work to support women entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry.

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