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Pitchfest Finalists: Our Starting Nine

Pitchfest 2020When game-changing women band together, they’re practically unstoppable. Nothing can cancel women lifting one another up. After months of prep and planning, re-adjusting and re-planning, reviewing loads of incredible entries, and testing out all the affiliated gear, the wait is finally over. We are proud to announce the nine finalists for our third annual T9 Movers and Makers Pitchfest. (more…)


2019 T9 Movers and Makers Pitchfest

Pitchfest Finalists 2019

What do a wooden boat builder, a big mountain skier, and a “recovering” professor all have in common?

They, along with six other entrepreneurial women from across the country came to compete, commiserate, and connect at our second annual Movers and Makers Pitchfest. Together these women spent a day showing how women in the outdoor industry lead, risk, and own. Our “Pitchers” brought us skincare and base layers, yoga wear and sports bras, mountain biking apparel, and a much-needed “third hand.” And though there were only four winners, entrepreneurial chutzpah was on full display in all nine of our Pitchfest contestants. (more…)


2019 Pitchfest Finalists: Our Starting Nine

Movers and Makers

After months of prep and planning, hundreds of hours reviewing nearly 100 amazing stories, and testing out tons of killer gear, the wait is finally over. Title Nine is beyond stoked to announce the nine finalists for our second annual T9 Movers & Makers Pitchfest.



New Girls’ Network

New Girls Network

Amidst all the #MeToo and #TimesUp, there is a new and rising tide of women who are taking that truth-telling and turning it into action.

Yes, it is women actors, producers and directors. But perhaps more powerfully, it is women athletes and risk-takers, marketers and mothers, photographers and founders.

These women are making change happen every day by changing the way that work works, by changing who takes the risks and who takes the lead. There is a powerful New Girls’ Network rising. (more…)