fear_post1These days, I find that I have nothing to fear but the 24/7 barrage of “news.”  Or more accurately, the tales of fear, swine flu, bird flu, killer bees, kidnappers, mass murderers that masquerade as news.  But the fact is that we’ve never in the history of humans been safer or healthier than we are right now.  Yet “the news” constantly tries to convince us otherwise.  For me the fix has been magically simple: tune out and turn off all that “news.”

All of a sudden I feel a lot safer.  I figure if something really newsworthy happens, it’ll find me.  In the meantime I can try to focus on the things I can control like eating and sleeping well, buckling up myself and my kids, getting some exercise and connecting with friends and family.

I feel better just thinking about it.

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