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Get Out the Vote!

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Each season we choose a hero “model” image for our catalog cover and web home page. Our holiday season is coming soon and we need your help choosing our hero image. Let your voice be heard!

Use the form below to cast your vote.



Our Models Do Their Own Stunts

Our models do their own stunts

We admire professional stunt women like Jesse Graff, but at Title Nine our “models” do all their own stunts. In fact, they insist on it. These busy moms, business women, athletes, and scientists show up to our shoots with their own mountain bikes, paragliding kites, and downhill skis. They put their game faces on and bomb that mountain. And, lucky for us, we’ve got the awesome shots to prove it. (more…)


What Makes a Photo Shoot Title Nine Worthy?

T9 Fall Behind the Scenes

What makes a photo shoot Tine Nine worthy? We take bad ass outdoor photographers, add local, adventurous women as our “models,” then head off the beaten path to show you what our gear can do. We recently took our ragtag team to Bend, Lake Tahoe, and Moab to get some killer shots of our fall gear, wreak a little havoc, and have a whole lotta fun.



Cast Your Vote: Which Model Image is Your Favorite?

We know you love our model athletes: ordinary women doing extraordinary things. With is so much action on our photo shoots, we end up with tons of great action images, leaving us with so many images to choose from featuring these amazing women that we need YOUR help.

For just 48 hours we’re opening the polls up. Cast your vote and tell us which model image is your favorite!

Which one is your pick?

EDIT: Thank you for participating in our model image poll! Polls opened at noon PST Wednesday 4/29/15, closed at noon PST Friday 5/01/15, and were a great success. It’s only a matter of time before we start up a new one. Don’t miss the announcement: be sure to follow us here, on Facebook or via Twitter.