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Everything I know about the game of life, I first learned on a field or a court. So many good lessons, here are a few:

-Don’t be sorry; be better.
-Whether you think you’re a loser or you think you’re a winner, you’re right.
-Practice makes permanent…like nothing else does.
-The scoreboard never lies.
-When you miss a shot, get back and play defense.
-There actually is a “me” in team, but the team is always bigger.
-When it’s time to get down to sports (or business), make sure your hair is out of your eyes.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned from sport?

Missy Park


A Year of Blessings

A year of blessings in disguise and otherwise:

Aching muscles


Missing the cut

Making the cut

A friend lost and regained

Skinned knees

My father’s wisdom

My mother’s optimism

Children, growing up

A missed connection

A race won

A race lost

10 fingers and 10 toes

Thankful for them all,
Missy Park



My definition of insanity…

1) Competitive team sports for kids under 10

2) Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome

3) Any diet with one ingredient

4) 24-hour “news”

5) Our tax code

6) “Gifted” children… How do they know?

7) Thin thighs in thirty days

8) High heels

What’s your definition of insanity?

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Missy Park



Into the unknown.
To conclusions
Leapfrog over doubt
Leap at the chance
Leap ahead.
Leap of faith
Leap in the dark
But DON’T look before you leap.
Just leap.

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Missy Park, Founder


Thankful for the ones who came before…

thankful2THANKFUL for the ones who had to fight with brass knuckles while wearing power suits, panty hose and pumps. THANKFUL for the ones who never played on a field or a court but somehow knew that it was important nonetheless. THANKFUL for the ones who may now seem humorless, but only because their cause was so dead serious. THANKFUL for the ones who by guile and by aggression got a seat at the table. THANKFUL for the ones who could see the ceiling beyond the glass. THANKFUL for the opportunities built by the resolve of these women. THANKFUL to be an American woman in the 21st century-opportunity awaits. THANKFUL for a little girl and a little boy who do not know that it was every any other way.

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Missy Park, Founder