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My definition of insanity…

1) Competitive team sports for kids under 10

2) Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome

3) Any diet with one ingredient

4) 24-hour “news”

5) Our tax code

6) “Gifted” children… How do they know?

7) Thin thighs in thirty days

8) High heels

What’s your definition of insanity?

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Missy Park


One more…


One more run in the daylight hours.
One more swim outdoors.
One more ride before darkness descends too early.
One more hike before the trails are impassable.
One more weekend without a mile long to-do list.
One more reason to get outside.
Let’s all get out while the getting’s good.

Share your one more for fall in the comments section!

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Missy Park, Founder