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Comfort Food Gets a Healthy Makeover

We spotted this article on Runner’s World this morning as our little toes and fingers were freezing off and talk of soups, casseroles and hearty meals had us counting the clock for lunch. However, in gearing up for the holiday’s we’re doing our best to stay true to our fitness goals and maintain the hard earned shape we gained over the summer. Enter, this article! You know we love our cream and a good bar of chocolate, but there is no harm in implementing a few of the tips below to keep you feeling fresh after that big bowl of homemade chili. Enjoy!

Oh baby, it’s cold outside. When the weather outside is less than forgiving—like it is where I live in Pittsburgh—comfort foods sound great. But some of these foods pack a pretty hefty calorie punch, which can make your next run feel more like a waddle. Here’s how you can still eat your favorite winter foods in an enlightened way. (more…)


Food as Fad

Atkins diet, Grapefruit Diet, Lo-Carb, No-Carb, Ice Cream Diet, Donut Diet. It’s enough to make ya crazy. Even such seemingly reasonable claims as organic, all-natural, and local can get elevated to cult status. How to make sense of it all?? There’s no money to be made in it, but the truth of the matter is the best “diet” of all is one that’s heavy on common sense and light on wishful thinking. A couple of my rules of the eating road: If I can’t pronounce it, I probably shouldn’t eat it. Avoid oxymoronic food: fat-free french fries, sugar-free cookies. When all else fails, I try to embrace moderation…just one donut. Got food tips of your own? Share em with us!

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