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Tips To Squeeze In That Evening Training

We all know the feeling. You finally get your workout/training groove down pat and you find yourself satisfied with the current routine when BAM – life happens and you have to adjust all over again! Now that school is kicking back into gear we’re guessing there are a few of you Mom’s and Dad’s out there who may be having to give up that morning run to coordinate  the hustle and bustle of the morning – packing lunches, coordinating showers, brushing teeth, making beds and getting into the car on time to make it school. Or, like us you’ve noticed it takes a little longer for that sun to get out of bed in the morning and you’re trying to adjust to post-work workouts. Well thanks to Women’s Running we’ve got some great tips that will help you stay on track and be committed to your training:

1. Keep workout gear in your car or at your office. Did your last meeting run late or an unexpected errand threaten to derail your plans? Never fear- travel with your gear! Don’t let a last minute change of plans throw off your training plan. By keeping a set of running clothes and shoes with you at all times, you can run from anywhere, anytime. (more…)


Commit to fitness

No, not another resolution but a real commitment. Not something that fades away with the waning weeks of February but something that becomes part of who we are. A commitment to make time for a fitness that feeds our body and soul. A commitment to not just make time for fitness but a commitment to build it into the fabric of our days and lives. A commitment to ride to work or a commitment to a wind-down, afterwork walk. A commitment to learn a new sport or re-acquaint with an old one.

It all starts to sound a little less daunting and a little more fun. Now that’s a commitment I can keep.

What’s your tip for committing to fitness? Share it with us below.

Happy New Year,

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