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Julie’s Journey: Meeting Billie Jean King

“I grew up hearing, ‘girls don’t do that,’ and now that I am older I hear, ‘women your age usually don’t do that.’ To them I say, watch me!”

-T9 Sweepstakes Winner, JulieJulie and BJK


When Nashville physical therapist and avid tennis player Julie read about the Battle of the Sexes Sweepstakes on our Facebook page, she knew she had to enter. “I am fortunate to spend time with a generation who has no memory of the changes in women’s sports over the last 40 years. I love telling the story of this infamous tennis match, and more importantly the major role Billie Jean had in changing girls sports,” she shared in her sweepstakes entry. Needless to say, we were thrilled when Julie’s name was randomly drawn as our winner! (more…)


IX at 45: Who Cares?

Title IX at 45… does it still matter? Missy Park our CEO & Founder posed this question to Billie Jean King, the Titan of Title IX herself. Together, they discussed the lessons they learned on the court and how the power of sports goes far beyond the playing field, out to our board rooms, war rooms, and yes, someday even oval rooms.

The Titan of Title IX: Billie Jean King

Billie Jean KingTItleIX_45_Image2