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Women Run It

Women Run It

A fit woman is fit for everything — fit to run, fit for duty, fit for office, fit for life, and fit to lead. As a woman-led company, we believe there is a seat at the table for more businesses like ours: by women, for women.

Meet a few of the trailblazing women running the companies we are proud to work with. Like us, they believe in the power of women to change the world, if we could just get our workout in!



T9er’s Holiday Wish List

As Title Niners, we too have our wish lists for the coming holiday! Lucky to be around such great product day in and day out, it’s not hard to have a million things we’d love, but below are some of the teams top picks. We wanted to share with you in hopes of providing a guide if you are shopping for someone but don’t know what to get! Picking different gals with different tastes, hopefully you can find someone similar to the girl you are shopping for.  Also, stay tuned for more ideas – we have a few more Title Niners on the way!

Whenever you are ready to shop, go ahead and click any of the items of clothes, or you can always (and we would love to meet you!) hop on into one of our retail stores (Salt Lake City is now open!), or give us a buzz here at the office. Happy Shopping! 


Cyclist Extraordinaire

Debby Eades grew up in a family of boys who were all sports fanatics. But, she says, “my mom knew I would be the athlete of the family when I was the first of all the neighborhood kids to climb to the top of the ‘big’ tree in the backyard.”

She was always into sports, and won awards in most of them. But in law school she found her true calling. “I did a road trip out West and biked through Colorado and several national parks.” She was hooked and “biking became a passion.”

That passion took on a special meaning in 2006. To support a friend who lost her eight-month-old granddaughter to a rare lung disease, Debby helped form “Kenna’s Krew,” a bike team that rides the annual three-day, 157-mile Courage Classic tour in Colorado to raise money for the Denver Children’s Hospital.

A partner in a Chicago law firm, Debby works long hours–sometimes 16 to 18 hour days. Training for a tour like the Courage Classic also takes time. “It’s extremely challenging to balance job, family, and health.” But she was up to the challenge. First, she traded her mass transit commute for a bike. Next, she got creative, turning the 40-minute ride into a workout of up to two hours. “I had a lot fun dreaming up workouts, such as riding up parking garage ramps to train for hills.” Her other “trick” is to treat workouts as an appointment and calendar them. “I try very hard not to schedule meetings early in the morning or late in the day, so I don’t cut into my workout time.” Sundays are yoga, “a great balance to my very hectic work life and very calming.”

Working out is a critical part of Debby’s life. “It’s important to me to be successful not only as a lawyer but also as a spouse, friend, daughter, and sister. When I work out, I have a better self-image and am more confident in all areas of my life, including work and relationships.”

Debby claims to be a “traditional” gal with “Midwestern values.” If that’s the case, let’s hear it for tradition!


Home: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Attorney

Education: BSBA (Economics); JD

Partner: Garry

Children: None; Labs – Rascal and Koko

Age: 44

Height: 5’9’’

Weight: —-

Sports, past and present: Basketball, Softball, Skiing, Hiking, Biking, Yoga

Athletic accomplishments: Four Century Bike Rides; Four-Year Varsity Basketball and Softball; All-Area Softball Team; State Softball C

Little known fact about you: I met my husband on a “singles” bike trip

Environmentally incorrect preference: An SUV

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

Most embarrassing moment: Falling in a manhole on a very busy street in the center of town.

Greatest triumph: The Triple ByPass (a century ride with more than 10,000 feet of elevation gain in one day).

Favorite thing to do when not working or working out: Anything with my labs (and my husband!). Also love to travel, particular active travel trips.

Moment of Inspiration: Sunrises on Lake Michigan

Favorite Quote: “The view never changes if you are not the lead dog.”


Biking or Cardio: 3-5 days. Strength: 2-3 days. Yoga: 1 day.