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Celebrating #GiftedWomen

Gifted Women Challenge

This holiday season we focused on a different kind of gifting with our #GiftedWomen Instagram Challenge. Nominations rolled in quickly as you posted about the gifted women in your life: the women making a difference on the trails and in the water, at hospitals and in classrooms, in their neighborhoods and across the globe.

You filled our Instagram feed with so many inspiring stories of change-makers we couldn’t pick just one winner–so we didn’t! (more…)


2018 T9 Movers & Makers Pitchfest

One amazing group of womenThey came, they pitched, they slayed. We all won.

The inaugural T9 Movers & Makers Pitchfest was such an experience that we’re only now recovering… But really, the party has just begun. What started as a wild “go for it!” idea over dinner snowballed into an inspiration-fest of proportions none of us had imagined. We can only say we’re proud to have been the catalysts for it. The magic? It was all them. (more…)