While there’s definitely no smoke or mirrors on our photoshoots, we absolutely always make room to invite some magic. And, just sometimes, the organic chaos alone of getting it all done turns out to be kismet.


Our Pacific Northwest home away from home welcomed us at the perfect time. While both the bright, full harvest moon and rising sun are amazing in their own rights, to have them share the sky at the same time was electric. To experience it first hand was priceless.



With charged headlamps and full packs, the crew set out at 3:30am from the base of Misery Ridge at Smith Rock. After climbing two miles (and 1000 feet of elevation) we arrived at the site. The only downside to waiting for the perfect light was having to bring our own heat–and of course we had to do it the T9 way.

Everyone loves Arches National Park, but there are so many magical spots to explore in Moab. Our local scout found us some secret locations that we couldn’t pass up. En route to location, photo art director Ann almost rolled her ankle in a dinosaur track, or as she puts it, “dinosaur tracks just there for you to freak out over the size of two large pizzas. So incredible.”

When the sun rises at six and doesn’t set till quarter till nine, the days are incredibly long, but fulfilling. Every day was packed with mountain biking, running, climbing; all in unseasonably warm weather (107 degrees to be exact). But, as always, the team and the vistas made it all worth while.

Giant thanks to our photographers: Martin Sundberg and Robert Houser. Additional thanks to our photo assistants: Har Rai Khalsa and Brian Parkin; and our up-for-anything “models:” Beth, Aleta, Emily, Nichole, Greta, Becky, Valerie, Tara and Bronwen.


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