Meet Chelsea

Long-time competitive gymnast, novice kung fu practitioner, yoga instructor and professor of shredding. At 11 years old she rode her bike to the beach to surf every day. Now she coaches at one of Hawaii’s largest surf schools, Ohana Surf Project.

Photo courtesy of @chelholew

When she’s not mentoring the next generation of surfer girls, she¬†taking charge (like a boss) as GM of the business. Fit to lead in and out of the water, it’s no wonder Chelsea has a gift for getting young shredding Betties riding tall.

She may have grown up dreaming of being a rap star, but now her dreams are more of the traveling kind. Already having hit every continent except Antarctica, she’ll check that off her list someday, but first she’s headed someplace with better surfing: Bali.

We describe our T9 “models” as ordinary women doing extraordinary things, and Chelsea is certainly a board-certified example of this!

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