T9 BravangelistsOnly at Title Nine will you get the expertise that comes from decades of selling, testing, and designing sports bras. Only at Title Nine will you find sports bras from dozens of manufacturers. Only at Title Nine will you get expert fit advice from women who actually wear and test each and every sports bra, and only at Title Nine do you get the take-it-for-a-test-drive, 360-Guarantee.

The bras we reach for time and time again are the ones you’ll find in our selection: bravangelist-tested and approved.

Meet Our BravangelistsBravangelist

We don’t just sell sports bras, we try them on and test them by the hundreds. We ourselves cover the gamut from “built for speed” to “dangerous curves ahead.” We are bra coaches who are extremely passionate about helping every woman get into the right size and style for her, which is why we call each member of our expert team a bravangelist. We run, spin, climb, and stretch in every bra, and only the ones that meet the discerning standards of our bravangelists make the cut. Think of us as magna cum laude graduates of Bra U, your expert team of fairy godmothers when it comes to all things boobology.

There are three ways to get your personalized fit session with a bravangelist: by phone, online, or at your nearest Title Nine retail store. We’ll talk to you about what activities you do, help you determine your bra size, and get you in your new favorite sports bra shopping faster than you can say bippity­ boppity ­bra!

MollyMeet Molly
Long distance runner, adventure racer, mom. Our head bravangelist Molly knows bras, fit, and support better than anyone on our team (she’s even been known to stop women on the street to offer up a fitting)! Check out Molly’s bra picks.


Meet NicquieNicquie
Boot camper, caffeinated daredevil, boxer. Our customer service superstar Nicquie can fit you over the phone quicker than she can knock out a set of burpees–and that’s pretty fast.


AmyMeet Amy
Texas two-stepper, runner, water lover. Come into any of our retail stores, and you’ll likely meet a bra magician like our retail manager Amy.  You’ll leave with a great bra, and a boost to your confidence too.

Hey, What’s Your Problem?

How can I stop my bra straps from digging into my shoulders or chafing me? How do I prevent bra spillover or keep my bra band from riding up in the back? You’ve got bra problems? We’ve got answers! Let us know your most pressing sports bra question in the comments below, or get connected with your own bravangelist today.

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