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Skort Stories

skortstory21Once upon a time long, long ago at Title Nine our founder (Missy Park) wasn’t too keen on skirts or dresses, so getting them in the catalog was a tough sell. This was before we became enlightened. We thought that a skort (not the old school kind that looked like shorts in the back – ugh!) would be the perfect thing for the gal on the go. You can still look dressed up and a little girly but in a very functional piece of clothing that allows you to climb fences – or heck, even run and do cartwheels if you want.

We began offering skorts that looked stylish instead of dorky (hidden shorts with nifty stash pockets), and using technical materials to achieve the ultimate in form and function.  Soon we were working to get every skirt we saw turned into a skort (well not every skirt but close!). Our customers saw the practicality of skorts and started buying them as fast as we could make them… and they still do!

That’s how skorts were born here at Title Nine.

The End.

- Alice, Head Buyer & Merchandiser

“My middle name is Pants. Or rather I should say my middle name is No Skirts, Dresses or Anything Close. But then my life was changed by the Run Around Skort.

Folks in the office here at Title Nine were convinced if they could get one on me, I would be a convert. Years and months passed. Conspiracies were launched in an effort to have me wear one. Finally our head merchant, Alice, said she had one she knew I would love and would I be willing to simply give it a try?  I relented and the rest is history.

The Run Around Skort is simply awesome. Alice gave me two and I have run, bike commuted to work, gone out to dinner, walked around Lake Merritt and even took a photo of me in one for my Mom. It is extremely comfortable, dries super quick, and I feel fashionable wearing it! I still adore pants but I am happy to now have to change my middle name. ” 

- Janis, Director of  Operations

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  1. Charlie Baker #

    I have not purchased a skort. Never have seen one – that I know of.

    Title Nine does NOT show a picture of the short inside a skort. Most are described as “boy shorts” Boy Shorts that I have seen are extremely unflattering of the female shape – and ride up in the back and are too short.

    So, show me what the short part of the skort looks like. The “mesh” description sounds interesting – however, not the 3″ compression short that cuts off circulation and if viewed looks more sausagelike on female legs.

    Just like to know what Title Nine skorts look like on the inside.

    September 7, 2009
  2. Rachel #

    I love skorts – and I love Title 9 – which is why I’m a bit sad that so few of your skorts fit me! I apparently have wider hips relative to my waist (39/28) than the models your manufacturers use to make their patterns. The Run-Around-Skort is one of the few that would work – but I’d also like to have some dressy skorts (which is where skorts are most awesome – work clothes that can be comfy outdoor/travel clothes later).

    Any possibility that more dressy skorts with adjustable waists might be in Title 9’s future? :)

    April 14, 2009
  3. CJ Cox #

    Ended up in Jamaica after an ocean passage of four days. Skort was my only clean article of clothing and we wanted to go ziplining– No Problem! Works well under a harness!

    April 13, 2009
  4. Hi there — I enjoyed your anecdotes about some minds changed with these products…that’s my challenge now, too! Would love if you cool title niners would give ‘em a shot…my new PortaPocket line was just was featured on TODAY Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda last Monday :)
    Strap these little cases on yourself under your clothes (whether skorts, dresses, pants, etc) to keep your personal items handy and not risk theft or loss of what’s important to you. Seems like a great fit for your active-women audience, but that’s just me! ;)

    April 11, 2009
  5. Zoo #

    Hooray for the Everywear skort! In general I am a non-skirt, non-dress kind of person, but I was looking for something that was casual/nice, but also wouldn’t impair my mobility. The first couple skorts I tried from Title Nine were great, but not for my body type. Apparently, I am one of the last few women left who were built with hips; the size that fit my hips left the waistband gapping in the back, so you could look “down” at my underwear (not quite the look I was going for). The Everywear skort had velcro tabs on the side, so you pull the waistband in as far as you need to. I have mine cranked all the way in, and now it “fits”.
    The Title Nine skorts all look way more fashionable than the ones my mother tried to get me to wear in the ’80s. So, if you have hips, the Everywear skort is where it’s at. And, hooray for the liberal Title Nine return policy, when things don’t quite fit like we thought they would!

    April 10, 2009
  6. Kari #

    I work with a lot of men in my line of work. Sometimes I do break out the skorts, and one day I was leaning across the desk to get something. I guess my collegue thought I had a skirt on and was straining to see. Nope, to his disappointment I had on one of your rugged skorts. I was told later by someone I supervise.

    April 10, 2009

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