1. Cabbie Hat: My fix for bad hair days (and sometimes even good hair days!).

2. Dress-For-Success Dress: My favorite dress this season. Super cute with tights and boots. I love that it’s double layered for added warmth.

3. Svelte Cardigan: A dressy cardigan in a washable fabric. That means no more trips to the dry cleaners!

4. Made for Walkin’ Boots: My go-to boots for the season. Comfortable and cute! I could walk all day in them and never get sore feet.

5. Imagination Scarf: Soft and stripey. The perfect scarf for Fall and a great alternative to the scratchy wool scarf.


6. Feature Capri: Fits great and has a zip pocket and mesh behind the knee for venting.

7. Paradigm Zip Neck – The perfect weight (and really soft) run top for fall through spring.

8. PhD Lite-Runner Socks – If you haven’t yet discovered wool socks, you’re missing out. Trust me on this one.

9. XT Wings Runner – My go to shoe for every single trail run and hike. Stable but cushioned. Flexible and fast.