Work Workout Repeat

It’s noon, and our trainer, Jessica, has arrived. It’s time to stop whatever we’re doing, walk the few steps (it’s literally 50 steps) to the gym at the center of our HQ, and prepare to get our butts kicked.

Lunch workouts give us a chance to get to know each other without talking about work! It’s a great way to meet people from other departments I don’t work with on a daily basis. – Meagan, Marketing

Lunchtime is a chance to take a break and recharge — so why not do it the way that we know best? While the other working stiffs in our neighborhood line up outside food trucks on their lunch breaks, we’re doing jump squats and lunges.

It’s also the chance to see our products in action, not just hanging on a rack. Doing triceps dips in our Crush Tanks, jumping jacks in our 7 Wonders Sports Bra (bounce free of course), and burpies in our Tracktion Run Capris let’s us put our clothes to the test; with sweat, intensity, and movement. After all, we can only talk the talk when we walk the walk (and jump and run).

At workouts, cross-department walls break down and the playing field levels itself. Interns partner with VPs, assistants motivate managers. Sometimes we simply connect with a knowing nod as we stiffly walk to our desks the morning after a tough leg workout (ouch).

Working out together results in teaming up and laughing with folks from all corners of HQ! We encourage each other during workouts, which results in more fun and collaborative business meetings. – Jess, Accounting

At the end of Jessica’s workouts, there are always mountain climbers, no matter how much we groan. Then we circle up and each say what we’re grateful for which, not surprisingly, usually includes how lucky we are to workout as a team.

And then we’re back. Back to merchandising, crunching numbers, and strategizing; only now we feel even more energized, more connected to our colleagues, and more informed about our products. It’s the ultimate triple whammy.

And the cherry on top? Showering before afternoon meetings is optional.

Title Nine working out

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