See and Be Seen

In the world of adventure sports photography, the dudes outnumber the gals 10 to 1.

At Title Nine those numbers are reversed.

On every page of our latest catalog the imagery you’ll see is the collaborative work of WOMEN — from our adventure photographers, to our fierce studio photographer, to an all-women creative team and some seriously fearless adventurers.

You’ll see the work of Kylie Fly, ( on Instagram), who grew up on the mountains and trails of Idaho along with her five (yes, FIVE) siblings. She hails from Utah now where she is as fearless on the slopes as she is behind the camera.

And you’ll also see the photography of Freya Fennwood, (@freyafennwoodphotography). An adventure athlete in her own right, Freya’s multi-sport skills and photography chops take her and her sister squad to wild and remote places.

Together these women, and all of us at Title Nine, are proving that when women get behind the camera, what women do in front of the camera changes… dramatically.

We become the heroes, the high-jinxers, and the risk takers.

We become the change we seek.

We like the world these women see.

We hope you will too.