Winter Behind the Scenes

What do you do when you have to shoot your winter catalog in summer? You get creative! Lucky for Title Nine, we have some of the most creative people around. Our team got to work searching for summer snow, and where there wasn’t snow, well, we had a few tricks up our sleeve.

Snow Dogs

Snow kayaking

Hannah in Bend

Even as the rest of the country enjoyed the start of summer, Oregon and Wyoming still had snow – just for us. Our local model-athletes were right at home in the cold, as were their furry friends. Hannah’s dog, Teegan joined us in Bend and proved to be a talented model (which was a good thing, because he wouldn’t leave her side). Nina and her pup Sarah and her dogsgot in on the action in Jackson Hole, hamming it up for the photographer. And Sarah and Guinness showed off their expert skijoring skills on a beautiful Bend morning.

Christmas in July

Title Nine Holiday 2015With the snow melting away, we said goodbye to Bend and Jackson Hole and headed to Lake Tahoe, California; where evergreen pine trees and mountain views are beautiful no matter what time of year. We could make it look like winter by bundling up our models, but what we couldn’t make was a snowman. So we grabbed a chainsaw and made the next best thing: a wood-man (named Señor Pepe), complete with googly eyes.ann

And what do you do in Lake Tahoe when it’s 100 degrees but you want a festive holiday shot for your catalog? You put your model in a warm wool sweater and deep fry a turkey, of course. Never one to shy away from a challenge, our model-triathlete Shelly fried up a turkey with impressive skill. After the shoot, photo art director, Ann, cooked up some side dishes and the whole crew ate a traditional holiday feast. It smelled so good, in fact, that it may have attracted a few bears later in the evening!

 Local Loves

Our favorite part about photo shoots is getting to explore the towns we visit. Our local models always know where to find the best coffee, craft beer, or a good croissant. Here are just a few spots that kept us fueled up for our long days.


And with that, another round of photo shoots was done, as only Title Nine could do it: with great models, a hard working crew, tons of creativity, and a deep fried turkey or two.

Thank You!

At Donner Lake

Our models and production team take a minute to chill out above Donner Lake.

Snowman handstand

Super-athlete, Nina, could hurdle this snowman in a single bound.

These Title Nine photo shoot adventures would not be possible without our remarkable team:

  • Photographers, Jeff Diener, Robert Houser, and Martin Sundberg
  • Photography assistant Nick Littlefield
  • Photography assistant and stylist extraordinaire, Alison Hamaji
  • And of course, huge thanks to the cities of Moab, UT; Jackson Hole, WY; Lake Tahoe, CA; and Bend, OR for your wonderful hospitality!

For more information on upcoming photo shoots and how to become a T9 model, please visit our T9 Model Scout Facebook page.

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Up a tree

Jessica, just hanging around in Jackson Hole.

Greta in Bend

Greta climbed up this steep mountain about a thousand times without complaint!