T9 Fall Behind the Scenes

What makes a photo shoot Tine Nine worthy? We take bad ass outdoor photographers, add local, adventurous women as our “models,” then head off the beaten path to show you what our gear can do. We recently took our ragtag team to Bend, Lake Tahoe, and Moab to get some killer shots of our fall gear, wreak a little havoc, and have a whole lotta fun.

The Road Less Traveled

Tumalo CreekDo we pick photo shoot locations we can drive to? No, that would be too easy! To reach the beautiful Tumalo Falls, outside of Bend, Oregon we borrowed mountain bikes from our “model” Greta’s neighbors and biked to the trail head. Then we stashed the bikes, and hiked into the falls with our backpacks full of gear, cameras, (and a lot of snacks) for our long day of shooting.

Or, The Road More Traveled

Look who we found!While shooting at the Deschutes River Trail, Amanda, one of our favorite models from past shoots, just happened to pass by with her friends on a celebratory birthday hike with their little ones. A fun coincidence, but not that surprising. We really do use local, active women as our “models,” so it stands to reason that we might bump into one of them out in the wild!

It’s All Worth It!Greta is cold!

Asking our brave “models” to wear short sleeves and capris in 30 degree weather. Almost getting blown off of cliffs in Moab. Sending our photographers and “models” up climbing routes in Tahoe with names like Bottomless Topless. We ask a lot of our team, and they take on every challenge with a great attitude…well, usually!Jesse, our seasoned model

Like any family, sometimes we get cranky, but it’s all worth it. We love the adventure, and we’re in it together —unless we run out of snacks, then it’s every man, woman, and dog for themselves!

Local Loves

Our favorite part about photo shoots is getting to explore the towns we visit. Our local “models” always know where to find the best coffee, the yummiest lunch, and the most delicious smoothies. Here are just a few spots that keep us fueled up for our long days of shooting; whether on the road or close to home. Now you can pick a few to explore on your next adventure!


We love chocolateBend

  • Morning Coffee: Dutch Brothers Coffee – the only place open at 5:00 a.m., seriously nice people, and a drive through!
  • Mid-Day Coffee: Backporch Coffee Roasters
  • Snacks: Newport Avenue Market – Honestly, the greatest!
  • Celebratory Breakfast Spot: Chow – When you’ve wrapped your shoot and you can’t eat one more hard boiled egg or apple – go to Chow. Get the Vinny. Your welcome.

Lake Tahoe

  • Coffee: We head to Coffeebar in Truckee or Donner for strong coffee and Italian treats.
  • Gear: Adrift Tahoe – There’s no better way to experience Lake Tahoe than from a stand up paddle board.Be awesome today

Bay Area

  • Coffee: Peet’s Coffee – We are all die hard Peet’s fans on Bay Area photos shoots (and every day at T9HQ)!
  • Snacks: Johnny Doughnuts – Call them “artisan,” call them “organic,” we just love them because they’re insanely good.
  • Lunch: Safeway – Darn good deli sandwiches, fruit, nuts, and of course chocolate. We keep it simple!

thumbnail-2Thank You!

These Title Nine worthy photo shoots would not be possible without our remarkable team:

  • Photographers, Martin Sundberg, Robert Houser, Joss, and Caydie McCumber.
  • All of our local real-women “models” who make this job great and inspire us every day!
  • Photography assistants Brian Parkin and Travis Stanton.
  • And of course, huge thanks to the cities of Moab UT, Lake Tahoe CA, and Bend OR for your wonderful hospitality.

For more information on upcoming photo shoots and how to become a T9 model, please visit our T9 Model Scout Facebook page.

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