They came, they took photos, wrangled chickens, visited hidden swimming holes and ate pumpkin pie for lunch: just another successful Summer shoot for Title Nine.

Joss, Louise and a well-placed slackline.

We take a lot of pride in having ordinary women who are capable of extraordinary things gracing our pages and website. They’re real – and so are our images. Surfing, juggling soccer balls on the beach, making fruit salad with machetes, climbing palm trees barefoot: if you see a picture of it, yes, our model athletes really did it!

Caitlin: strong. That's one sharp machete.

Mahea monkeys around.

Mahea is a true kama’aina who grew up climbing palm trees.

We can’t say that it’s necessarily your average 10+ hour workday when we’re out on location.

Hannah making it look easy.

“Extras” of the four legged variety (and two-legged, as we can’t forget our chicken friends,) were plentiful on location. Not only did we have the help of Ziggy complete with life vest, Kilty’s little French bulldog nugget of love, and Hebat the yoga dog, there was also Bill E. Goat – who yes, basically thinks he too is a dog… that happens to head butt on occasion.

Ziggy nuggetlove
Caydie & Hebat Bill.E.Goat


French press in HiloIf the Summer ’15 shoot had a model bio:

Refuses to start any shoot without: Peet’s Coffee (various locations, based out of Berkeley, CA)

Best breakfast: Paul’s Place Cafe (Hilo, HI)

Strawberry shortcake forever: Swanton Berry Farm (Davenport, CA)

Best shave ice: Wilson’s By The Bay (Hilo, HI)

Favorite surf shops: Kona Boys (Kealakekua, HI), Hilo Surfboard Co. (Hilo, HI)

Mid-day refreshment of choice during a long shoot: Ginger ‘booch’ from Conscious Culture Cafe (Hilo, HI)


Being a Title Nine model or photographer isn’t all fun locations and good eats: there’s hard work involved, and sometimes, things don’t go as we planned. Because summer shoots are done so far in advance, sometimes we have to shoot in dresses when it’s 37 degrees F out on NYE in Dillon Beach, CA. Sometimes there are no stylists on board, so our photographers pitch in to help do hair on location.

The day before scouting the rope swing location, there was pristine white sand out to the large rock in the distance. When the team arrived the day of the shoot, a huge swell had come in – so they worked with it and ended up with some great shots.

Our photographers and photo assistants go all out to capture the images. Climbing back up after some cliff-jumping shots, Shawn had a run-in with some jagged lava rock. One-woman creative team Ann got inventive with first aid and luckily, a hair tie and a tampon did the trick!

37 degrees on NYE Katy and Caydie (one part photographer, one part stylist) tampon

And there’s even more where that came from: check out our Flickr album for even more peeks at our Summer shoot.

The T9 team would especially like to thank:

Spot the mainlanders

Fact: Ann has a trucker hat collection comprised solely of hats from locations.

And of course, huge mahalo to Hilo, HI and Oahu for the incredible time.

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