Daylight Saving Time

Some call it National Groggy Day because you lose an hour of sleep.  We like to think of it as gaining an extra hour of daylight for more running time on the trail or longer bike rides after work.  What are you going to do with that extra hour of daylight?


How Many Steps Do You Take?

Title Nine has a wonderfully creative bean counter who likes to share fun facts along with the regular ho-hum stats. One of our faves: in 2009 the gals in our retail stores walked (and likely skipped and hopped a bit) 55,404 miles during work!!! Do you use a pedometer to keep track of your tracks? If so how many steps do you take per day/month/year?

There's a lotta room to cover in there!


Fitness Fridays 2010

This last week marked our first Fitness Friday of 2010. For those who don’t know what Fitness Friday is, periodically throughout the year, we at Title Nine close down our offices and team up for an afternoon of sport. The activities vary and are designed to be challenging, fun and sometimes a bit whacky. All of it enhances our internal team and builds relationships with our fellow T9ers. For this last Fitness Friday, we speed skated, bowled and rock climbed. Monday morning was full of chatter about how much fun we all had and more than a few hilarious stories were exchanged. We’ve posted some photos (and video) of our adventures…now everyone’s going to know (if you didn’t know already) how silly we all are!

Do ya’ll participate in your own Fitness Fridays? We’d love to hear about how others are staying fit and building teams!


Food as Fad

Atkins diet, Grapefruit Diet, Lo-Carb, No-Carb, Ice Cream Diet, Donut Diet. It’s enough to make ya crazy. Even such seemingly reasonable claims as organic, all-natural, and local can get elevated to cult status. How to make sense of it all?? There’s no money to be made in it, but the truth of the matter is the best “diet” of all is one that’s heavy on common sense and light on wishful thinking. A couple of my rules of the eating road: If I can’t pronounce it, I probably shouldn’t eat it. Avoid oxymoronic food: fat-free french fries, sugar-free cookies. When all else fails, I try to embrace moderation…just one donut. Got food tips of your own? Share em with us!

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Missy Park, Founder


An Ace in Life

Volleyball is her game. She started in high school, played Division I in college, and now plays in national and local leagues year round—grass, sand, co-ed, you name it— including a USAV women’s team that goes to the Nationals every year.

We first heard about Holly Nichols through her husband Brian, who called her “beautiful, talented, and an outstanding athlete,” but also someone who wouldn’t “toot her own horn” by contacting us herself. Luckily, she agreed to be interviewed after Brian spilled the beans!

Holly started early. “I was a bit of a tomboy growing up… I can’t sit still very long and am very competitive as well. So sports were a natural thing for me. I was exposed at an early age…I loved it and it has stuck with me through my life.”

Year-round volleyball shouldn’t leave Holly much time to work in many workouts. She plays once or twice a week (including two or three all-day tournaments each month), but still finds time for the gym, running with her husband, and weekly soccer practice with her two daughters. But she’s also found the perfect way to integrate fitness into her work life: running a swim school! “I’m so blessed that I have a job that requires me to get into the water to either train teachers or teach children and adults to swim. This alone helps me to work and workout all in one.” Her on-the-job workouts—treading water, breath control and refinement—get passed onto her students. “Its fun and it helps me to create new drills for my swimmers…I like to work to the best of my ability and try to pull the best out of others.”

As the “best” isn’t limited to fitness. Working out “gives me the ability to focus and make good clear decisions at work. It gives me confidence in myself which is important for setting a good example for my two girls.” According to Brian, their daughters, Maia and Madison, are taking that example to heart. Here’s to another generation!


Home: Shelton, WA

Occupation: President of Discover Aquatics, Inc. (Swim School)

Education: Degree in Kinesiology and minor in Nutrition at San Jose State University, 1998

Partner: Brian, married 10 years

Children: Maia Nichols (8), Madison Nichols (6)

Age: 34

Height: 5’10’’

Weight: 145

Sports, past and present: Volleyball, soccer, swimming, basketball, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking

Athletic accomplishments: Placing second at Nationals in Minneapolis 2009 (A division)

Little known fact about you: I’ve wanted to be a Firewoman!

Environmentally incorrect preference: Iced coffee in a plastic cup.

Guilty pleasure: Salt and vinegar chips

Most embarrassing moment: Shooting a basket on the wrong side of the court after halftime in 8th grade! Everyone stood on the other side of the court watching me.

Greatest triumph: Establishing a successful business from scratch.

Favorite thing to do when not working or working out: Spending time with my family

Moment of Inspiration: When my child at 6 ½ years of age out ran my husband at the walk-a-thon. She’s a chip off the ol’ block!

Favorite Quote: “You’re the best mom ever.” —Maia Nichols

Funny Workout Story: In college I was working out with our trainer and he would focus on squats and leg press. One day after a couple of sets and adding one 45lb after another, a strong looking guy came up to us and said he wanted to try the weight that I was pressing. (Wish I could remember how much weight it was.) The trainer advised him that this wasn’t a good idea but he was determined regardless. So as he went down with the first press, his legs gave out and couldn’t get the weight back up. So the trainer and I had to pull the 45’s off one at a time until he could get it back up. We had a good laugh on that one. We tried not to embarrass him too much.


I don’t have a set fitness schedule because my work requires me to be flexible. I play in a volleyball league 1-2 days/ week, go to the gym 1 day/week, practice soccer with my girls 1 day week, teach swim lessons 1-2 days/week and then I will play in volleyball tournaments on either Saturday or Sunday 2-3days/month, which lasts all day long!