Carry On!

CarryOn_Kicker_0804We carry a lot. We carry our teams, we carry our children, we carry housework and dumbbells and elections and emotions.

Sometimes we carry so much that it feels like we don’t have enough places to hold it all. (more…)


It Started With Pockets: The Round Trip Collection

1Pockets are a cultural thing at T9HQ, tracing back to pre-suffragette struggles, and one that we take seriously and very personally. The one-liner version of history on this is that women had their pocket rights revoked and were purposely burdened with purses and bags to slow them down. So, it makes sense that at Title Nine – where we’re all about empowering women to do more, and move more – we demand pockets.

We’ve been at this game for over thirty years now, and from handwarmer to stash, to envelope, cargo, and zippered, we thought we’d done them all. It turns out that we were just getting started. (more…)


Our C-19 MVPs


Now more than ever, business, and life, is a team sport. None of us will get out of this without a lot of help from our friends, our family, our co-workers, our suppliers, and our community. (more…)


Fear Less, Understand More

Missy Letter

As the COVID crisis continues, I find myself thinking a lot about fear and understanding. What I’ve found is that this crisis has given me the gift of understanding, or more accurately, the opportunity to find understanding over and over and over again. I thought I’d share some of the fears I’ve had, both large and small, so that together, we can start fearing-less. (more…)


Here’s to the Tough Mothers

To celebrate all the bad*ss mothers holding down the fort and still managing to raise the roof, we invited you to head to Instagram and tag photos of #onetoughmother in your life.

Congrats to our winner @naturemamareads! A self-described outdoor mama and book lady, she’s also a nursing assistant and environmental advocate. And while only one mama could win the Ortovox Fly Daypack full of tough mother worthy gear, every one of you is definitely #onetoughmother.

Check out just a few of the awesome entries we received: