How do YOU make trouble?

We like to make it a habit to get into trouble, but with the best intentions of course! 😉 What do you do to make trouble? Share with us in the comments below!



Necessary Failure

It was my turn. I faced the mat as the instructor gave me an encouraging nod. I ran forward a few feet and threw myself headfirst onto the mat, tucking my neck down as I awkwardly rolled over in a somersault-like maneuver.

The instructor gave me a few pointers and I got back in line. I was going to need a lot more practice.

It was my first day of Parkour. I’d signed up for the class because I wanted to get better at body and spatial awareness. And besides, it looked totally fun and I was intrigued.

That first lesson was all about how to tuck and roll. We were going to be doing a lot of falling and it was important to know how to keep ourselves safe.

In other words, we were planning for failure.



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Ready? Set? Let’s get out there and GO!

I watch the chalk dust, thick in the air, glitter and swirl around through the sunlight streaming through the windows. It looks a little like what I think fairy dust must look like.

This winter I’ve been climbing a lot in the gym. And I’ve been totally, unabashedly, loving it. I have to confess that it took me awhile to admit this to myself. As a climber and outdoor enthusiast, I wanted desperately to love climbing outside, and to embrace everything about it—even lead climbing—with bravery, courage, and passion.

Unfortunately, I just wasn’t feeling it.




Bring It

No matter where or what the occasion is, we all BRING something unique. Let us know what your favorite things are to bring when you bring it.