Just Leap: Take Charge of Your Inner Gremlin

Congratulations to Just Leap! contributor Amy Christensen, who is currently taking time away from Timeout with Title Nine to welcome her firstborn child. Our very best to you, Amy, and your growing family.  -the folks at Title Nine



“You can’t do that,” the voice whispers in my head, “You’re too clumsy and inexperienced.”

I’m slumped over my bike, tears pricking my eyes as I look ahead of me at the long downhill single-track, the dust of my riding partners fading ahead of me. I have so far to go and I’m starting to panic.

I can’t do this, I think to myself.

I pull the bike off the trail and sit down for a moment to gather my thoughts.

fresh trail photo from the Alive Raw Foods blog


They come tumbling out. I can’t do this. Who am I to think I can learn how to ride? I’m too wimpy and afraid of hurting myself. My friends are never going to want to ride with me. Heck, I don’t even want to ride with me right now.

What will they think of me?

I allow the tears to spill out. I’m embarrassed and frustrated.

I know I can do this. I’ve ridden this trail before! What happened? Why is today suddenly feeling so hard?

I can do this. I’ve done it before.

These thoughts begin to gain a little more focus as I breath in the fresh air of the forest.  I take another deep breath and stand up. I look down the trail again.

I can do this.

I’ll just take it slow and remember to smile. Relax, I remind myself, you’ve done this before. (more…)


Just Leap: Which Direction Will You Choose?

One of the reasons I love the outdoors and physical pursuits is the sense of peace it always seems to give me. No matter how terrible the weather. No matter how much pain I might be in. I am always left with a sense of peace and accomplishment.

I am rejuvenated. Restored. Energized.

When we’re outside, we’re usually in motion toward something: the top of a climb, the finish line, the summit of a mountain peak. It’s not that we’re not enjoying the journey — because I think we totally are.

It’s that we have a vision of where we’re going. And that makes it so much easier to get there.



Show Us YOUR 9!

We caught our head of social media earlier today sneaking around with a box of gift cards — and now we’re happy we can finally announce what she’s been up to!

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Whatever it may be, we want to see it!

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So what are you waiting for? SHOW US YOUR T9!


Just Leap: Staying Active Through Pregnancy

I knew it instinctively. There were subtle signs: an increased sense of smell and the way I needed to catch my breath earlier and more often when running, biking, or simply climbing up stairs.

I was pregnant.


That weekend we went camping in Fruita, CO for a mountain biking trip and it was there—before ever taking any kind of pregnancy test for confirmation—I experienced for the first time a complicated set of emotions around being active during pregnancy that I would be (and still am) navigating for the next nine months.

Along with the excitement and fear (terror, really) of bringing a new human into the world, there was a deep desire to hold onto my independence and claim that pregnancy wouldn’t change my activity level too much.

And then there was an acute sense of protectiveness that seemed to contradict that desire for independence.

What was too much? When could I push? When should I pull back? What was truly safe? How would I know if I was pushing too much? How would my activities effect this growing and vulnerable being?